Evernote Hacks For A Better Professional Life

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I remember discovering Evernote on the App Store and the first thing that came to my mind – what does an elephant have to do with a note taking app? The tagline: ‘Remember Everything’ sorted that out. This smart and quirky marketing got me started with one of the best-regarded note taking app that anyone can use.

Fast forward to today, Evernote has become one of the indispensable tools that you can use at work and personally. Apart from its note taking capability Evernote is widely used to archive, collaborate as a digital file cabinet, inventory management, task management system and for personal notes like a shopping list or your very own scribble pad.

In this post, we will show you how Evernote is a brilliant productivity-boosting tool, with the help of Whatfix flows. Our Whatfix flows will help you get familiarized with Evernote’s tools and features and will give you an interactive and engaging experience that you will love. We strongly recommend that you install our extensions and use our See Live feature.

What is the See Live feature?

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Get to know Evernote

If you haven’t had the opportunity to get started with Evernote as yet, then this flow here will help you through. Click on See Live on the flow below to get started:

Get yourself ready for Evernote

Creating notes is what Evernote is all about. But, its customizability and formatting options makes it stand out among all its counterparts. Here’s how you get on with creating and formatting notes on Evernote. Click See Live in this flow:

Evernote’s top notch organization and amazing search ability

Organizing your notes becomes easy with notebooks and stacks of Evernote. With its continuous cloud-based synchronization, your notes are automatically arranged and available in all your devices almost instantly. Another amazing thing is its smart search box. Evernote can search, filter and find almost anything that you store in it. The flow below will show you these impressive features:

Here’s what makes Evernote even awesomer!

Evernote’s elephants have plenty of tricks up their sleeve. They not only are simplifying the way you shape and structure your work, but also are helping you do it across any platform. Besides that, they have a collection of very useful products that can be added on to your Evernote to make it awesomer! See this flow Live to get to know each of them:

Optimizing your Evernote

You are never done until and unless you customize your Evernote presence, just the way you want it to be. This flow will show you how to optimize your account settings to make the most out of your Evernote account:

Still need a reason to use Evernote?

For one thing, Evernote is being used worldwide by over 100 million users.

With amazing auto-synchronization to the cloud, capability to store notes, photos, voice notes, and videos anywhere, and a work chat that ensures internal communication, Evernote has become quite indispensable to professionals. When you have a virtual notebook like Evernote in all your devices, fulfilling and organizing your daily requirements will hardly be a humdrum.

Tell us how you liked Evernote in our comment section. We are constantly on the lookout for great web apps that will help you be more productive. We would love to recommend you to try out viewing and creating interesting flows at Whatfix.

Share the Evernote awesomeness with your friends, family and colleagues today!

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Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business


Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business