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Dreamforce Sessions

170,000+ people from across the world, 50+ keynotes from visionaries, networking opportunities, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and a whole lot more. Yes. I’m describing the biggest annual tech conference hosted by Salesforce – Dreamforce 2019. The hub of all things tech and innovation. This year the Dreamforce 2019 dates are from November 19 to November 22. Just 2 months away. One of the highlights of Dreamforce, other than the inspirational Dreamforce keynotes, the Dreamforce concerts and parties are the Dreamforce sessions. There will be 2700+ Dreamforce sessions by prominent Dreamforce speakers.

That’s 4 days and too many Dreamforce sessions!

Worry not! We know it can get quite confusing, which is why we’ve gone one step ahead and prepared a quick guide that tells you all about these Dreamforce sessions and how valuable they are to you. We’ve also prepared the Dreamforce Agenda Builder to help you meticulously plan out the four days you spend at Dreamforce.

Dreamforce sessions are delivered by industry innovators and are the best way to get a hang of all that is going on in the world of tech, around you. Some of these Dreamforce sessions are tailored to a specific product, a few others to particular functions like enterprise, intelligence. Few others are tailored to big industries and roles. Attending even just a few of the Dreamforce sessions 2019, relevant to your career and industry can do you a world of good and even help you discover new opportunities you never knew even existed.

The 2700+ Dreamforce sessions are broken down into 4 categories.

Dreamforce Sessions: Breakout

These 40-minute Dreamforce sessions are your gateway to in-depth discussions revolving around products and industries. It features discussion panels by thought leaders and customer success stories. You can attend any of these Dreamforce Breakout sessions depending on your role, skill sets, industry, etc. and we guarantee, you’re going to walk away with some valuable content. These sessions will be held across the Dreamforce campus. Across the different Dreamforce hotels, lodges, and basically everywhere!

Dreamforce Sessions: Theater

Spanning 20 minutes, Dreamforce Theater sessions are held at the Dreamforce Lodges, Zones, and at the Dreamforce Campground where the customer success expo will be held. Dreamforce speakers for these sessions include product experts, industry experts, customers, sharing their expertise, tips, tricks, and product how-tos. They’re quite useful for learning about the latest products and solutions.

Dreamforce Sessions: Circle of Success

These Dreamforce sessions are hosted by Salesforce experts and involve about 8-10 people at a time. Quite interestingly, these small groups of attendees sit together and work on a problem together. These 60 t0 90-minute discussions are held all over the Dreamforce campus and include presentations, unscripted, interactive discussions and consultations.

Hands-On Workshops

These Dreamforce sessions are the perfect place to get your hands dirty! You get to try out a number of implementations and see how they work. The aim is to walk away with tangible knowledge that you can actually go ahead and implement with solutions you use at work. Do NOT miss these Dreamforce sessions! They have a ton of valuable information to offer you.

Dreamforce 2019 sessions feature discussions that are designed specifically for a range of user roles from consultant, developer, entrepreneur, IT, human resources and a lot more.

Whatfix’s Dreamforce Sessions

And the best part is that Whatfix will be conducting 3 sessions, 1 breakout session, and 2 theater sessions at this year’s Dreamforce sessions. Stay tuned! We’ll update you with more information soon 🙂

With so many promising sessions, you definitely need to be planning ahead. Don’t forget to take a look at the Dreamforce 2019 keynotes and Dreamforce concerts! These are the headliners of Dreamforce every year and a must-attend.


We’re attending Dreamforce 2019 and would love to meet you all. Drop by booth #412 while you’re at the event and get a live demo of how we help accelerate Salesforce Adoption with our interactive in-app guidance.

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