Best of The Lot – 15 Most Read Articles From Whatfix Academy In 2016

Best of The Lot - 15 Most Read Articles From Whatfix Academy In 2016

We take pride in saying that we are UX geeks!

We believe that the web must be a simpler place to learn, work, and innovate. That is why we are helping companies accelerate their product adoption and user engagement with our interactive walkthroughs.

But frankly, the truth is, it’s more than just a job for us. It’s our collective passion.

And this passion reflects in our content.

For the uninitiated, Whatfix Academy ranges from everything and anything about simplifying user experience. That being articles about user onboarding, UX strategies, user engagement, retention, customer success, and even how to’s and guides on web applications like top CRM’s, LMS, and others.

With the end of 2016, we thought it’s time for a recap before we rush into the hopefully crazy awesome 2017. But we didn’t want it to be yet another roundup article.

So, here’s a fully personalized look at the top most-read articles (in each category) of Whatfix Academy!

Top articles on User Experience

1. Interactive Walkthroughs, The Next Big Thing For Web-apps!

Most of the first class web products are not designed to be intuitive on the first usage. They require several iterations to get to the right track of user experience. And on the way to get to that track, they discover a lot of pain-points which they try and tackle in the simplest of manner.

In-app interactive walkthroughs is a technology that fits this profile and it helps users find their way around web applications with ease.

Why should you read it – Once you are done with it, you can easily hold up any conversations about Interactive Walkthroughs for web applications.

2. 5 Things Clients And Consumers Want From A Business

The consumer is no longer a layman. They are the new breed of what we call the ‘infovores’. These highly informed consumers are not just looking at making an informed purchase, it is the experience that the business can offer them post sales, that determine their loyalty towards it.

The 5 nifty ways suggested in the article, will help you make your customer experience worthwhile and get you a good name.

Why should you read it – This article is perfect for all the managers who are determined to create the best possible consumer experience for their product.

3. Why Guided Walkthroughs Is Your Best Bet For A Simpler Web Experience!

It has been three decades since websites and web applications started flourishing in our lives. Ever since its advent, there has been one common belief that all the “Internet Gurus” follow – “Make things as simple as possible.” But, there was a catch for this ideology. As the need for solving complexities increased, so did the complexities of the applications built for it.

Guided walkthroughs is the new-age solution that deals with uncomplicating such complex web applications efficiently.

Why should you read it – The why, what and how of guided walkthroughs (Inspired from Simon Sinek’s golden circle)

Top articles on User Adoption (Onboarding)

4. 10 Ways You Can Make Your User Onboarding Experience Irresistible!

When it comes to user onboarding, simplicity takes a lot of precedence. It doesn’t matter whether you are creating a new user onboarding experience from scratch or if you are iterating the existing one for the zillionth time. Simplicity is a principle that always makes or breaks your user’s first-hand experience.

This article is all about how to make your product’s user onboarding experience simpler and irresistible. The 10 approaches in it (with examples) will help you reach your goal, and create an experience that your users will love.

Why should you read it – The examples of onboarding approaches will help you relate to the scenario and show you how to do it right.

5. Onboarding Toolkit For Every Marketer!

Today, everyone has a digital toolkit – be it a designer, a growth hacker or a content marketer. But what do you use when you are focusing on ‘onboarding’ only?

Check out the hot onboarding tools that you’ll need for analytics, survey, walkthroughs, chat, and A/B testing.

Why should you read it – The onboarding toolkit features 9 hot tools with their key highlights.

6. How Simplifying Your Onboarding Process Helps with Customer Retention

Effective user onboarding has become pivotal in generating revenue for subscription-based services. So, you may want to consider creating an onboarding process for each customer segment that addresses their unique needs and wants, arranging lessons around what they’ll need to learn first, and what will help them achieve their goals later on.

Why should you read it – Must-know tips to create a simpler, user-friendly, engaging user onboarding process.

Top articles on Customer Engagement, Service & Retention

7. 5 Customer Engagement Strategies to Delight, Amaze, and Retain

This decade has been dubbed by marketers as the “age of the customer.” For one, customers have nearly limitless choices – there’s an entire internet of competition out there. And, for another, the increase in Software as a Service (SaaS) companies has given customers, even more power – the power to choose whether to continue being a customer, or whether to leave for greener pastures.

The goal now more than ever is to retain customers by keeping them happy, successful, and engaged with your product. We’ve pulled together five customer engagement strategies to help you do just that through this article.

Why should you read it –  If you are curious about how to engage and retain your customers in an efficient way, then this is definitely a good read for you.

8. 5 Customer Service Skills Every SaaS Support Team Needs

Customer service is not limited to your customer service department. Anyone in your business that will come in contact with users of your product by phone, by email, or through social media will eventually have to provide some form of customer service, either before making the sale or after.

This post will show you five customer skills that every employee in your business needs to acquire and retain happy users.

Why should you read it –  Explains the core customer service skills every employee must develop to give users the best customer experience possible.

9. What Is Customer Retention, Where Does It Start, And How Can It Grow Your Business?

If you’re having trouble retaining customers, your marketing efforts are like hauling water in a leaky sieve (but this time, it’s dollars leaking out). Your business is hurting, and if you can’t keep customers around, failure is just around the corner. So let’s clear up some misunderstandings about customer retention and set you on the path to success with this article.

Why should you read it –  Everything you need to know make your customer retention happen naturally.

Top articles on Technical Writing

10. How Technical Writing Is Changing With The Times

Technical writing has always been an integral part of the product lifecycle. Before the digital revolution, technical documentation was the only way to reach out to the target user, at any lifecycle phase. But today a powerful and self-explanatory UI makes lengthy documentation redundant!

Why should you read it – The article will give you an in-depth take on the shift of technical writing with time and new age tools.

11. Whatfix – The Smart Way To Tech-Write

Written by an experienced technical writer, this article is all about the innovative solution by Whatfix, that will help simplify a lot of aspects of technical writing.

Why should you read it – Tells you how technical writers can save time, minimize effort and enhance user understanding of the products through crisp, on-the-spot help.

12. 14 Technical Writing Misconceptions That You Should Know!

Technical writers are a mixed species – they are basically writers. That means they can write in a way that educates and interests a reader. But they are also technical people. More technical the product, more technical the writing becomes. They need to be technical enough to uncover, understand a product and explain to a new user how it is to be used. Confusing, huh!

There are several myths and misconceptions surrounding the world of technical writing. This article attempts to dispel some of those.

Why should you read it – If you are a technical writing aficionado, then this article will help you clear some age old myths about it.

Top articles on Salesforce

13. How I Mastered Salesforce In A Week Using Whatfix Flows

A newbie’s take on how he mastered Salesforce with Whatfix guides and walkthroughs.

Why should you read it – The title itself is catchy. You might be surprised on how Whatfix can simplify user experience on Salesforce.

14. 6 Things You Must Know Before Creating A Salesforce Training Program

The effectiveness of your training program entirely depends on how well your training methods are tailored to fit each employee. Methods used for training could vary from a Salesperson to a Developer to an Admin and to an Architect. By maintaining the relevancy of these training methods in check, you will certainly be able to show a better turnover, in the long run.

This article shows 6 such approaches that are a must know if you are a Project Manager or Salesforce Admin.

Why should you read it – Explains 6 key aspects that must be accounted in Salesforce training effectively! (Also applicable to other Enterprise solutions)

15. 7 Salesforce Onboarding Best Practices That Work!

Onboarding a new employee onto Salesforce is not a one-time process. It is always, work in progress. No matter how skilled, knowledgeable or experienced your new employee is, he/she will definitely take their own time to get comfortable with the platform. But, if you have a well thought out Salesforce onboarding strategy along with a few out of the box techniques, then rest assured you can the process to be more effective.

Why should you read it –  One of our most shared article in 2016! The tips in it will add value to all Salesforce users irrespective of their position.

Hope you had a great time checking out our best articles. Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year from all of us at Whatfix.

Cheers to an amazing 2017!

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