5 Steps To Seamlessly Manage Leads in Salesforce Lightning

5 Steps To Seamlessly Mange Leads On Salesforce Lightning

Lead management in Salesforce Classic has had its difficulties. But with Salesforce Lightning’s new turbocharged workspace, it has taken a giant leap forward. The new version has better visualization, useful features and an outlined methodology that can help you organize and manage your leads.

In this post, we will help you get streamlined on how to manage your leads efficiently. We have created Whatfix flows (walkthroughs) on these tasks to help you learn each of the steps involved, interactively.

To view these interactive Whatfix flows in real-time, try out the Whatfix Way. Simple click on the image below to get started.

The Whatfix Way


Now, let’s begin with the basic steps, i.e creating, editing and deleting leads in Salesforce Lightning.

How To Create, Edit, and Delete a Lead in Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning allows you to work with a list of leads. These leads can be easily created, located, modified and worked with, according to your needs.

The following flow will show you the basic steps on how to create, edit and delete your leads in Salesforce Lightning.

How to Duplicate/Clone a Lead in Salesforce Lightning

There would be instances where your new prospects have similar fields and records to that of an existing lead. In such cases instead of starting from scratch, you can clone the existing leads and then edit them accordingly.

Click on See Live on this flow to understand how to clone existing leads in Salesforce Lightning.

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How to Import Leads in Salesforce Lightning

If you already have a file of all your sales leads, then instead of entering them manually you can use Salesforce Lightning Data Import Wizard. This will allow you to mass import all your leads quickly. Click on See live to start the flow.

How to Convert a Lead in Salesforce Lightning

Once you convert your Salesforce Lightning leads, the information in it will be available as accounts, contacts and opportunities. Along with all of these, Salesforce moves all the campaign members to new contacts and automatically makes the lead as a read-only record.

Click on See Live and this Whatfix flow will show you how to get about converting a lead in Salesforce Lightning.

How to Export Leads in Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning Data Export feature makes it easy to export all your leads in bulk. Provided you have the necessary permissions to go about the export, here’s how it can be carried out. Click on See Live to view the flow real-time.

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