Digital Adoption: What It Is and Why You Need It

digital adoption
Imagine an office with hundreds of employees. One of the main duties of these employees is to make copies using one of the many copy machines throughout the office. The air smells of toner and the carpet is worn to threads in front of each copy station. Jerry needs one...
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7 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Salesforce World Tour

Salesforce World Tour
Held across different continents, these events feature special breakout sessions, visionary keynotes and live demos by companies across the world. Attending these events will give you the firsthand experience on how to leverage your Salesforce platform and make the best out of it.In this post, we will give you 8 compelling reasons as to why you should attend Salesforce World Tour.
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Is Microlearning Right for Your Organization?

In the age of bite-sized stories and posts a la Snapchat, Reddit, Twitter and Instagram, the mantra is “seek and you shall receive quick, personalized and interesting content”. So, it is only natural for employees and HR professionals to seek out similarly accessible and pocket-sized tutorials in the world of...
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How to Simplify Your Instructional Design Process

As corporate learners with limited time on their hands and an ever-increasing need to constantly update and re-skill themselves, employees look for the simplest, easiest and most engaging way to learn. Give them a user manual with pages and pages of descriptions or an email with verbose instructions and less...
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How to Get Real ROI on your HCM Systems

Want your organization’s HR function to adopt the right HCM tools, leverage it as a part of the business and ultimately derive tangible ROI? We warrant a guess that your answer is a resounding ‘yes’. And because HCM tools can potentially help achieve such returns, over 40% of companies have...
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How Technical Documentation Plays a Critical Role in Product Adoption

technical writing for product adoption
Been a successful technical writer for several years? Author of several installation guides, FAQs, help manuals, whitepapers for products in the past? But off late, you find that your writing is not making the necessary impact on your customer or on the product sales, don’t worry, you are not alone!...
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Software Products Are in Danger of Turning into Shelf-ware Without User Adoption

user adoption
A sad software product story: After extensive and rigorous conceptualization, development, testing, marketing, and deployment, the software just ends up on the shelf gathering dust. This is not fiction but fact. Virtually all software products are at risk of becoming shelf-ware, no matter how well-crafted they are. Be it an...
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Take Your First Steps Towards Futuristic Software Training

Futuristic Software Training
Some years ago, I had joined SAP to work as a product manager for their Business Intelligence (BI) product. SAP BI an impressive product: massive and very comprehensive. With no better way available at the time to get us prepared for the job, L&D had us sit through three weeks...
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5 Ways HCM Technology can Transform the Face of HR

HCM Technology for HR Transformation
Let’s face it, enterprises are always looking to optimize costs and timelines while playing catch-up with the Big Hairy Audacious Goals of growth and expansion. And in the quest to continuously achieving business growth, HR often doesn’t get a seat at the high table that it so deserves. Luckily, the top...
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The Value of Web Self-Service for Enterprise Applications

web self-service
It is no secret that consumer applications have led us to center our lives around simplicity and ease. With just a few clicks, you can book a cab, order food, or even shop from the other end of the world. The users of these consumer applications are also the end...
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The Latest Trends in Technical Writing Headlining 2019

trends in technical writing
For some time now, technical writers have been battling several challenges – sometimes the trouble is with the ‘technical’ and sometimes with the ‘writing’! Whether it is to sustain his/her present job or clear an interview for better opportunities, trends in technical writing have changed so much that the humble...
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6 Impactful Microlearning Examples for Enterprises

microlearning examples
The CHRO of Unilever, a Fortune 500 company, makes an interesting observation about how employee learning has changed in today’s competitive business environment. She points out that “all learning is underpinned by curiosity and focus”. Employees learn best when they encounter challenges in their business processes that they have to...
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Making Your Learning Content What It Needs to be: Personalized and Adaptive

Imagine you just landed in Paris. The flight was long but you can’t contain your excitement. It’s a breezy August morning and you just want to explore the city with streets smelling of coffee and freshly-baked croissants every few meters. You are walking out of the airport, looking for the...
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13 Salesforce Adoption Strategies To Ensure Maximum ROI

13 Salesforce Adoption Strategies To Ensure Maximum ROI
Salesforce adoption is a funny business! To put it plainly, user adoption on Salesforce is just enabling a user to use it as the in-house CRM. But in reality, it is definitely not as easy as it sounds. In fact, it is nerve-wracking, time-consuming, complex, and in adverse cases, leads...
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The Biggest Oracle HCM Cloud Challenges You Need to Solve

Oracle HCM Cloud Challenges
What can an application like Oracle HCM Cloud do for your organization? If nothing else, at a very high level, organizations with a high rate of HR technology adoption among their users have “doubled the gross revenue per employee” and “a 12% increase in their overall HR, Talent, and Business...
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Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business


Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business


Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business