7 Incredible ServiceNow Training Methods To Ensure Success!

7 Incredible Methods To Ensure ServiceNow Training Success!

The thing about ServiceNow training is that – it has two prominent sides!

There are Agents who must be trained to solve incidents, problems, and other requests in a jiffy. And there are Employees whose primary aim is to get their issues sorted out quickly via the platform.

This means that managers must possess the know-how to handle and train both Agents and Employees efficiently, minimizing the time to productivity. Traditional methods of ServiceNow training, may not be as effective in such a scenario. Because, these methods piggyback on the concept that the learner will understand the nooks and corners of the platform, with fewer training sessions.

Raising the bar, many new methods have emerged which are consistently effective. In this article, I’ll introduce you to some incredible ServiceNow training methods which you can easily adapt and implement in your organization.

1. Real-time Interactive Walkthroughs for ServiceNow training

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Whatfix is a cloud-based guidance platform that helps in creating real-time interactive walkthroughs which can engage and train ServiceNow users. The guided walkthrough is used to provide step-by-step instructions within ServiceNow, that helps users to successfully complete their task from start to end.

Applicable at both on the Agent and Employee side, Whatfix and its multiple widgets can be used to efficiently provide ServiceNow training and onboarding to users on the platform.

The commonly used Whatfix widgets for ServiceNow training are:

1. Product Tour – The users on ServiceNow are greeted with a product tour pop-up that on-click, initializes a walkthrough of all the major touch-points of your customized ServiceNow.

2. Task List – The Task List provides an experiential learning platform that enables the user to learn a task while performing it in real-time via live guided walkthroughs. Once the task is completed, the task is checked (✔) and the next task is initiated.

3. Self-help widget – This widget enables self-service within the platform by providing quick access to all the interactive walkthroughs created on the platform.

The biggest benefit of such a guidance platform is its ability to train users while making them perform a task in real-time. Handling the multitude of features as needed requires a lot of understanding of the platform, which could stretch the training time for each user. This makes these guided walkthroughs a reasonable solution that can boost productivity.

Planning to streamline your User Onboarding? Then do read out trending article on building a rock-solid User Onboarding.

2. Learn via ServiceNow Docs (Formerly known as ServiceNow Wiki)

Learn via ServiceNow Docs - ServiceNow Training

ServiceNow Docs is the home for all of the Product Documentation on the features of the platform. Available for all users, it is one of the best resources for ServiceNow administrator training and has answers for everything and anything. It hosts all the release notes, FAQs, video tutorials, and books on getting started with the ServiceNow platform. ServiceNow Docs also allows users to directly print the page, or collect multiple pages and create a book for reference or as a training collateral.

Docs also provide a useful feature called – Watch, which will send you email notifications if the page content is changed.

3. Video Tutorials for ServiceNow training

“82% of businesses confirmed that video had a positive impact on their business.”

Video Tutorials for ServiceNow - ServiceNow Training

Videos are definitely one of the best mediums to learn vast platforms like ServiceNow. Videos help in expressing a significant amount of information to the users with a problem in a very short time. Allowing them to see, hear and follow the instructions in real-time.

As for video tutorials for ServiceNow admin training, you’ll find in-depth videos of the basics of the platform, business administration, orchestration, tech support, etc., in ServiceNow Docs – Video Tutorials. For beginners, this brilliant tutorial series by Harvard University Information Technology is also a great resource. 

4. Champion Enablement Program

Champion Enablement Program - ServiceNow training

Available for free to all ServiceNow customers, partners and employees, the Champion Enablement program is a great way of providing diligent ServiceNow administrator training. The program includes guides, recommendations, and templates that will help in creating an internal Champion, who can invest in the success of ServiceNow training programs within your organization. Being a Champion is not tied to a specific role but rather a desire to train other users, ensuring successful training programs.

To check out ServiceNow Champion Enablement program, click here.

5. Learn via Online courses

Learn via Online courses - ServiceNow training

If you prefer the help your users to self-train on their on time, then online courses are your best bet. There are many companies who offer paid online courses for ServiceNow. But, to make things simpler I’ll introduce you to two free resources that could help you kick-start the training.

1. ServiceNow Kickstart on Udemy is a free course for beginners who prefer self-training. It consists of 24 sections which include lectures, exercises, and Q&A.

2. ServiceNow Online Learning Courses is another option. This is a foundation course hosted by the ServiceNow community, that enables fellow community users to easily get acquainted with the platform.

6. E-learning via Learning Management Systems

E-learning via Learning Management Systems - ServiceNow Training

Commonly used to give in-house employee training, LMS is the technology used to plan, implement and assess an employee’s learning process. LMS generally includes interactive features like slideshows, videos, video conferencing, threaded discussions, forums, etc and is a great platform to learn and share knowledge. One of the best parts of training via LMSs is that it can be used to challenge and test the knowledge of the user at regular intervals to reinforce what they learned.  Many popular LMSs like Moodle, Litmos, Cornerstone, etc., can be directly integrated with ServiceNow, enhancing its Knowledge Base.

As an addition to LMSs, you could also try Whatfix’s SCORM package that provides interactive walkthroughs.The plus point to this approach is its multi-format feature, that converts each of the walkthroughs to multiple formats like slideshows, annotated videos, and pdf, that can be easily merged with the LMS content.

7. Get ServiceNow Training from a Certified Trainer

Employ a ServiceNow Certified Trainer - ServiceNow Training

ServiceNow certified trainer is increasingly becoming one of the most sought-after people in the domain. Achievable through ServiceNow’s professional certification programs, the certification assures employers and peers that the trainer possesses the skills and knowledge to perform the implementation, application development, and system administration on the platform.

The certification is more of a specialization course that consists of advanced training in each of the ServiceNow domains and is doable by any user.

Summing Up…

I’ll make sure I add more methods to these sooner. But before we are done, let me recap all the 7 ServiceNow Training Methods for a quick recall!

These are the 7 incredible training methods that will change your ServiceNow adoption :

  1. Real-time Interactive Walkthroughs
  2. Learning via ServiceNow Docs
  3. Video Tutorials
  4. Champion Enablement Program
  5. Learning via Online courses
  6. E-learning via LMS
  7. ServiceNow Training from a Certified Trainer

Have any more to add? Let me know in the comment section below.

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