25 Salesforce Chrome Extensions That Will Make You Highly Productive

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If there is one thing that I love about the SFDC Community, it’s their “willingness to give back“. If you’ve been to Dreamforce at least once, then you know that giving back is the beating heart behind all of it. The same aura resonates from all the amazing people in the SFDC Community.

To acknowledge some of the “givers” in the SFDC community, I’ve made an exhaustive list of some of the highly productive Salesforce Extensions on Google Chrome. For ease of understanding, I’ve categorized extension on the basis of its functionality.

Would love for you to check out the Salesforce Extensions and let me know which one you love and why!

25 Salesforce Chrome Extensions That Will Make You Highly Productive

To start with it, here are few brilliant Salesforce Chrome extensions to quickly login to the platform.

Salesforce Extensions for Quick Login

When you have many Salesforce accounts, instances and a lot of users to cater to, logging and logging out multiple times would be annoying. These Salesforce browser extensions will simplify it for you.

1. Force.com LOGINS by takasu.biz
Force.com LOGINS - Salesforce extensions

Logging into Salesforce multiple times is a big hassle. But, with the Force.com LOGINS extension, you can manage your multiple logins and quickly get onto the platform. The extension stores your account information (username, password, security token, and description), groups the multiple accounts for easier management, and allows you to log in on a selected tab or a window as needed.

2. Salesforce.com Quick Login As by Kyle Peterson

 Salesforce.com Quick Login As - Salesforce Extension
This here is a useful Salesforce Chrome extension for both Admins and Developers alike. It will help you log in as any user in your organization quickly and easily. On click, it will give you a pop-up of all the users on the listing page, and from there you can select to login as any specific user. When you log out, it will take you back to the first page you were browsing, before you logged in as the other user.

Multi-functional Salesforce Chrome Extensions

Before we get into extensions that solve and improve specific parts of Salesforce, let’s look at some of them that have a lot of functionalities that you might like to have.

3. Whatfix on Salesforce by Whatfix.com

Whatfix on Salesforce - Salesforce extensions

Whatfix on Salesforce is a nifty extension that will help in guiding and training users efficiently on the platform via interactive walkthroughs. The extension is a free version for individuals to train themselves on Salesforce. It includes a widget called “self-help” which lists all the walkthroughs on Salesforce created on Whatfix Community. On-click, the interactive walkthrough will launch in real-time and virtually handhold you through completion of each task.

For extensive use, organizations can also avail Whatfix Enterprise version that is used widely for Salesforce Onboarding, Training, and Support.

4. Admin Assistant by CrmScience.com

Admin Assistant - Salesforce Chrome extension

CRM Science’s Admin assistant is an admin toolkit that packs multiple useful features. The features include the ability to create and modify profiles, automating profile setting updates, mass deleting records from a list, a floating chatter window and Show Max results link that displays the maximum number of the possible results on one page with one click.

Accelerate Salesforce Adoption

5. Ebsta For Salesforce by ebsta.com

Ebsta For Salesforce - Salesforce extension

Ebsta for Salesforce automatically cross-references Salesforce based on the web page you are working on. On click, it will show you the cross-referenced Salesforce record. (Say for eg, It will show you the record of a prospect if you are on the prospect’s LinkedIn page.)  The extension also allows you to edit and update records, manage tasks, Chatter, etc.

6. Force.com Utility Belt by Jeff Douglas

Force.com Utility Belt - Salesforce extensions

This is a Salesforce Chrome extension that would make your lives easier. The extension is based on three main features, namely:
1. Quick Reference Topics – which will allow you to quickly look up topics on Apex, VisualForce, SOQL, etc.  2. Search for Stuff – which will help you perform keyword search to find stuff in the Salesforce documentation
3. SFDC ID Converter – which allows you to quickly create an 18 digit Salesforce ID from a 15 digit ID.

Salesforce Extensions for Setup Navigation 

Navigation and searching are generally difficult in sophisticated CRM’s like Salesforce. But with the right tools, even the most complex of tasks can be simplified. 

7. Salesforce Navigator by Daniel Nakov

Salesforce Navigator - Salesforce extensions

Navigating in and around Salesforce is not too easy. Salesforce Navigator is one such Salesforce extension that makes it seem like a breeze. Just type in what you need to do and the extension shows you how to get to it.

8. Salesforce Searchbox by Siddharatha Nagavarapu
Salesforce Searchbox - Salesforce Chrome Extensions

Salesforce Searchbox adds a simple search box on top of all configuration items of the setup like a list of fields on each Object, a list of Apex classes and Visualforce pages. The search will help you filter the list and display the specific configuration items, based on the keyword.

9. Salesforce Hotkeys (Beta) by Prafulla Patil
Salesforce Hotkeys (Beta) - Salesforce extensions

This is one of the most useful Salesforce extensions. It will enable you to quickly access the multiple menus on Salesforce using hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts). To see the complete list of hotkeys, click here.

Salesforce Extensions for Metadata Search

If you are still inspecting each element to find its metadata, then these extensions will relieve you of it, once and for all.

10. Salesforce Inspector by Søren Krabbe

Salesforce Inspector - Salesforce extensionThis neat extension helps you look at your metadata without inspecting data on the Salesforce UI. It’s a huge time saver for developers who constantly need to lookup field requirements, field type, API names, etc.

11. Record and Metadata Comparator for Salesforce by Rajiv Bhatt

Record and Metadata Comparator for Salesforce extension
As the next step to Salesforce Inspector, this extension allows you to compare any two object or its records and highlights all their differences. It helps in identifying miss fields, change in formula, data type, value mismatch, etc.

12. SF Quick Metadata Lookup by N P Singh
SF Quick Metadata Lookup - Salesforce extensions

SF Quick Metadata Lookup is an advanced Metadata Searching Tool, which will help you find all your Salesforce metadata quickly and easily. The extension provides you with a search functionality which combines both select and auto-search. You can filter the metadata and also search them by their label or API Name.

Salesforce Extensions for Debugging

Say no more to lengthy Debugging rituals. Here are some of the best Salesforce Chrome extensions that will make you love debugging all over again.

13. Salesforce Developer Tool Suite by Concret.io

Salesforce Developer Tool Suite - Salesforce Chrome extensions
This Salesforce extension provides you with easy to access debug log viewer within your current tab, which loads without any authentication requirement. A great addition to your Salesforce dev toolkit, the Salesforce Developer Tool Suite will make your log monitoring much easier than dev console or IDE.

14. Salesforce Debug Logs Analyzer by Ramachandran Bakthavachalam

Salesforce Debug Logs Analyzer - Salesforce extension

Salesforce Debug Logs Analyzer adds filtering functionality for the Debug logs. Just select the log type in the drop down menu or search for the log in the search box, and click on filter. The required logs will be shown to you.

15. SOQL Extractor and Analyzer for SalesForce by – Rajiv Bhatt

SOQL Extractor and Analyzer for SalesForce extension
You can now easily analyze ‘Too Many SOQLs’ error with this nifty Salesforce extension. SOQL Extractor and Analyzer for SalesForce extracts the SOQL queries with their execution counts from the Salesforce Debug logs on a single click. It will provide you with information on the count, objects on which the queries are executed, statistics and also helps in optimizing your application’s performance.

Whatfix Free trial

16. Salesforce1 Simulator by Kyle Poole

Salesforce1 Simulator - Salesforce extensions
This is a great tool to train new users on how to use the Salesforce1 mobile app. The extension creates a virtual version of Salesforce1 app that can be displayed on a phone, tablet or a laptop. If you want to give a demo of Salesforce1 app or test out how your configuration looks on a hand-held device, then this extension is the easiest way to go about it.

Salesforce Extensions for Page layouts and API fields

These extensions are comparatively tiny and have specific use cases. But the fact is, sometimes it’s the little things that make a huge difference.

17. Salesforce Admin Check All by Dan Pazehoski
Salesforce Admin Check All - Salesforce Chrome Extension

Salesforce Admin Check All is a simple extension that will potentially save you a lot of time and irritation. It will allow you to ‘Check All’ checkboxes on setup pages, instead of clicking on each of the checkboxes individually. It’ll make deployment a lot easier and save you a lot of productive hours.

18. Salesforce API Fieldnames by Daniel NakovSalesforce API Fieldnames - Salesforce extensions

Another boon for the SFDC developers. With this Salesforce extension, you can quickly and easily toggle between API field names and labels on detail pages. Saves time and a lot of effort.

19. Grey Tab by Chris Peterson
Grey Tab - Salesforce extensions
Grey Tab is an open source Salesforce extension that will help you view the data of a field on the currently viewed record. It works much like a lookup tool that will give you the details that you need about the fields. It also can be used to get the Salesforce session information from your browser cookies.

20. Enhance Salesforce Dashboard by Satrang

Enhance Salesforce Dashboard - Salesforce extensionsSalesforce only allows you to refresh Dashboards daily, weekly, or monthly. With Enhance Salesforce Dashboard extension, you can have real-time updation of your dashboards. The extension allows you to set auto refresh frequency/duration. It also allows you to increase the dashboard columns to 7 from the default 3 columns.

Salesforce Extensions for Production

Although I have already mentioned many Salesforce Chrome extensions that would be useful to developers, these here are the ones that will make your production smoother, faster and more efficient.

21. Salesforce Id Paster by cleandata4good

Salesforce Id Paster - Salesforce Chrome extensions

Salesforce Id Paster is a tiny extension that will save you buttloads of time in data entry. It redirects your current Salesforce page to the one whose SFID is in your clipboard with a keystroke (default is Ctrl+Shift+Y). It is especially useful to those users who constantly export and import data in and out of the Salesforce database.

22. Salesforce.com Sandbox Favicon Extension by Joe Ferraro

Salesforce.com Sandbox Favicon Extension - Salesforce extensions

Do you work across both Production and Sandbox environment in the same browser? Then this  Salesforce extension will help you differentiate between both. The Sandbox Favicon Extension adds an “S” to the standard Salesforce.com cloud favicon for all sandbox tabs in a Chrome window. Making it easier to keep a track of the environment you are working on.

23. Salesforce Colored Favicons by Steve Babula

Salesforce Colored Favicons - Salesforce extension

Much like previous Salesforce Extension, this one will allow you to override the standard Salesforce favicon with one colored based on the org. It automatically updates the icon for Salesforce based on the instance. It also adds the separate icon with an “S” for Sandbox instances. If you use more than two orgs and sandboxes, then this is going to be a must have browser extension for you!

24. Salesforce advanced Code searcher by sameernmiraj

Salesforce advanced Code searcher - Salesforce Chrome extensions

This useful extension makes searching for Salesforce components quick and easy. With it, you can find and jump to Apex classes, Visualforce pages, Apex triggers, etc., and get the required code within a few clicks. It also has a autocomplete suggestions that will help you find the particular code that you need to find.

25. Salesforce.com Enhanced Formula Editor by Kyle Peterson  

Salesforce.com Enhanced Formula Editor - Salesforce extensions

This extension enhances the formula editor to include syntax highlighting, tabbing, find and replace and parenthesis matching. It is a great add-on to the native formula editor and helps a lot while creating complex formulas.

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    Try FieldPro (https://appexchange.salesforce.com/appxListingDetail?listingId=a0N3A00000EcsCZUAZ). This lightweight application enables Salesforce users to search/report/run-impact-analysis/find-metadata-references in all fields with lightning speed.

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    This is the great list for 2017, for 2018 and later on, Salesforce Simplified came which is growing every day which is combo pack of more than 10,000 points of success.salesforce.com and inside one extension more than 10 extension’s work is covered.

    Basic work which is getting covered in this extension is
    It shows your recently created/modified metadata like classes, triggers, even debug logs and more than 15 metadata.

    Salesforce Simplified: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/salesforce-simplified/hjeigbpcblpkaienmpihneipkempijob
    Your next Workbench will be inside your SFDC org.

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