4 Ways to Leverage Microlearning for Effective Employee Training

Since the year 2000 (or about when the mobile revolution began) the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. This could be the probable reason behind the revelation that fewer than 15% people successfully apply what they learn and, within just 30 days, about 80%...
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7 Reasons Why Blended Learning Is The Optimal Approach For Employee Training

To blend or not to blend? That’s a Catch-22 situation that confuses every L&D manager when it comes to creating their employee training strategy. Well, quite frankly, it is inevitable. Especially since the risk factor and the cost metrics due to ineffective employee training are humongous! According to a slide deck compiled...
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Why Training Millennials is Difficult and How to Crack it

Training millennials
If you do the math, you’ll see that by the year 2025, millennials would make up to 50% of the global working population. An interesting fact about this workforce is that they could have an attention span of merely 8 seconds. Try putting two and two together. It’s a matter of...
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Interactive Tooltip - The Key To Change The Way Users Interact

What is the easiest, nonsensical skill endorsement that you can get on Linkedin? Hands down! It’s MS Office. Or being a bit more specific MS Word. Years back when LinkedIn popped-up a tooltip suggesting that, “Do you want to add MS Office and MS Word as your skills” I was like,...
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How To Write Secure Code for Salesforce LockerService Upgrade

How To Write Secure Code for Salesforce LockerService Upgrades
This article will help you tackle the security features and help you write a secure code for the Salesforce LockerService upgrade for your application.
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17 Awesome Technical Writing Tools For Documenting Information

17 Awesome Technical Writing Tools For Documenting Information
Taking up where from we left off in Part 1 of the technical writing tools series. (Do check it out if you haven’t read it) In this installment, we deal with the technical writing tools used in the “Document Information” phase. This is the writing, editing, drawing, reviewing and rewriting...
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The Swiss Army Knife For ServiceNow Training & Support

servicenow training
When it comes to training your users, knowing is half the battle. However, the greatest victory is that, which requires no battle. As for ServiceNow, that greatest victory would be to build a proactive system that can take care of your users’ training and support, all on its own. But,...
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Change Management: 6 Lessons in Changing Employee Behaviour

Change Management - 6 Lesson in Changing Employee Behavior
As change leaders we must understand how and why people do what they do, to influence that behavior. This often included crafting strategies and plans, along with a fancy presentation. Training is a mainstay. But there is more to the story. How useful would it be if you could predict...
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16 Incredible HCM Software to Simplify People Management

HCM software
Human Capital Management (HCM) is all about managing the most important asset of a company – its people. From recruiting to ensuring a lower employee churn rate, all the responsibilities fall under the HR department. But, with the pool of functions that an HR has to perform, the best would...
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Performance Support Tools - How to Create in Phases

performance support tools How to create
Performance support tools have been extremely effective in providing concise and relevant information to its users right when they need it. The user could be anybody- a newly onboarded person on a product looking for help, an employee undergoing training, or a person working on a software, who needs just...
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10 Salesforce Productivity Tools To Manage Docs & Paperwork Like A Boss!

5 Salesforce Productivity Hacks That'll Transform The Way You Manage Docs & Paperwork!
There is one thing that all Salesforce executives yearn for - i.e, maximizing their workforce’s Salesforce productivity day in, day out. But ironically, albeit Salesforce is adopted to make them more productive, the likelihood of them getting lost in the gravity of the software is frankly, much higher, unless they are well trained on the platform beforehand.
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5 Most Effective Technical Writing Software For Information Gathering

5 Most Effective Technical Writing Software For Information Gathering
There are a few questions that constantly bog the minds of technical writers. Are there any suitable technical writing software for the task I am presently doing? Something that would minimize my efforts and produce better quality output? Can my company afford it? Is it going to be easy to...
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30 Phenomenal Salesforce Tools That'll Make You A Productivity Magnet

10 Essential Salesforce Tips That'll Make Your A Productivity Magnet
You could be THAT person in your office! You know, THAT person who gets way more work done than anyone else! Who never stresses out on deadlines. Who knows Salesforce like the back of their hand! Who is considered as the Salesforce Champion and the go-to person for all possible...
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The Seven Deadly Sins of Change Leadership

7 deadly sins of change leadership
In this guest post, Daniel Lock, an expert ‘Change Management’ consultant tells us the seven deadly sins of change change management. I’ve been helping my clients succeed in their change management and process improvement aspirations for some time now. Throughout my years of experience in this area – and my...
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Must Have Characteristics of an Electronic Performance Support System

Electronic Performance Support System
Electronic performance support systems(EPSS)  gained a huge traction when companies began focusing on user productivity and performance. The term sounds complex for sure. But, unknowingly, you already must have used an electronic performance system to get your tasks done. Just imagine this, you take up a challenge to prepare a...
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Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business


Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business


Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business