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The year 2018 was all about how businesses need not focus on the millennials because they weren’t the ‘real customers’ or ‘ideal customers’. But at the cusp of 2020, it is safe to say that millennials are clearly an enormous target market who have the power to spend as well as set trends.

Look around on social media and you’ll know exactly what we mean. They’re a highly influential generation that is influencing the buying decisions of other demographics across the world. And it means only one thing for businesses – it is time to move beyond good customer service and focus on ‘customer service experience.’

So how do you revamp your business’s customer service for the millennials?

1. Offer self-service and crowdsourced customer service options

Believe it or not, today’s customer doesn’t want to reach out to you for every little issue they face with a product or service. They don’t feel the need for customer service representative’s assistance and think it is nothing more than a waste of time, and resource. After years of going through online and self-service solutions, this generation has gotten used to technology and how it can more efficiently manage customers. A few ways to cater to this demand include:

  • FAQs – Incorporate a section for FAQs on your website based on previously and commonly addressed issues that customers faced.
  • How-to guides – Create an interactive how-to guide or a step by step using tools like Whatfix to onboard your customers post-purchase.
  • Community – Instead of being the one to answer their questions all the time, create a community for all your customers where they can discuss and resolve issues in a more ‘human’ manner.
  • Get social – Social media is the second most resorted to platform by customers to seek solutions around a business’s products and services.


2. Personalise the experience for your customers

While they seek to resolve issues on their own, they also crave an authentic and personalised experience with a business. So up your game by analysing their needs, what’s trending in their circles and how you can resolve them. Opt for a personalised approach instead of one that is focussed on sales. A few things you should keep in mind:

  • Your business message must address an issue or a concern that is constantly being talked about in their circles.
  • Create an experiential environment that goes beyond their in-store or on-site purchase.
  • Make an offer that not just resonates with their interests but is also unique in the industry.
  • Include words that are commonly used by your audience in your business messaging, but keep them relevant.
  • Target them with custom messages based on their demographics on your website using exit intent technology tools like Exit Bee.


3. Share your company values

The choices millennials make bank heavily on the beliefs and causes they follow in real life. According to a study by Barkley, there are more than 50% of them who are willing to make purchases from a business simply because it supports the same cause as them. Your new age audience cares about what’s genuine and authentic. And the only way to attract them is to share your business values with them. Transparency speaks of how customer-centric a business is. A few ways to do so:

  • Share sneak peeks into what goes behind manufacturing your products.
  • Instead of stating just features, spend time framing use cases in daily lives.
  • Share industry specifics and knowledge from a consumer’s point of view.


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4. Make use of the latest technology

The millennials have grown up with digital devices for everything – entertainment, shopping, education, etc. They are the early adopters of new technology and are able to align their interests with anything that makes their lives easier and interesting. So while creating your products, ensure that the technology you use is up-to-date and offers easy customer experience instead of him having to struggle at every point. And if your business is using high-end technology, get ready to resolve issues that might come from your consumers without delay. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Remember to make the consumer end as easy to grasp as possible.
  • Make customer onboarding a mandatory part of the sales cycle.
  • Train your customer service representatives to solve issues in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • Make sharing knowledge with customers a part of customer service.


5. Let them collaborate and co-create your brand

The customers today enjoy the possibility of having to collaborate and co-create with businesses and brands. They don’t necessarily want to stick to a customer and service provider kind of relationship. Making them a part of your growth will only better the customer experience for the long haul. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Ask for feedbacks around their purchases on a regular basis.
  • Give them a platform to ask for what they want next from the business and what their expectations are.
  • Welcome all suggestions with a positive acknowledgement.
  • Encourage them to contribute in your social content (UGC).



If you plan to continue appealing to your target audience next year, 2020, make sure your customer service is not restricted to only resolving issues as and when they come. Making customer experience a priority will not just lessen the number of tickets your representatives need to resolve, but also help you maintain your position in the ever changing market.

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Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business


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