The Ultimate Guide To Dreamforce 2016

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Dreamforce 2016- the Ultimate Guide

Many know Dreamforce as the Super Bowl of cloud computing.

And time after time, the conference proves itself to be worthy of that name. With a few weeks still left, the conference is completely sold out. That’s like 200,000 or so people confirmed as Dreamforce attendees!

So, there is little or no wonder that the conference is going to be one amazing show.


We at Whatfix, have been piling up information on #DF16 for the last couple of months. I’m sure you are as excited as us when it comes to Dreamforce and your head is probably swirling with the thoughts on how to go about the 4 days at San Francisco.

So to ensure that you are on the right track, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to Dreamforce 2016.

Here’s the TL;DR version of the post:

The Ultimate Guide To Dreamforce 2016 – TL;DR version

1. Finding accommodation for Dreamforce at SF

2. Help out a friend – Get free Dreamforce 2016 Expo+ passes!

3. Dreamforce location map decoded

4. Plan your sessions and set your Agenda!

5. Dreamforce 2016 Keynotes you can’t afford to miss!

6. Tune in to Road to Dreamforce and Salesforce LIVE

7. Get live updates on Dreamforce 2016

8. Party hard while at Dreamforce

9. Network, empathize, get to know the crowd, explore!

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Let’s start with something that all attendees must be frantically searching for.

1. Finding accommodation for Dreamforce at SF

There is no doubt that within a few weeks San Francisco is going to be flooded with a horde of professionals from different parts of the world.

With U2 headlining the Dreamforce 2016 concert, the city itself will be amidst one huge music frenzy.

Whilst all the excitement, a vital factor would be where you stay. Closer would be better, but probably by now, most of the hotels near the Moscone Center would have been booked. But don’t fret, we have short-listed the best possible ways by which you can get yourself a decent place to stay during the conference.

Here are – 6 Ways To Find The Best Dreamforce Hotels and Accommodations

2. Help out a friend – Get free Dreamforce 2016 Expo+ passes!

Dreamforce 2016 Expo+ pass is the ultimate key to enjoying the event without burning a hole in your pocket.

With the Expo+ pass, you can be a part of the conference on Thursday, October 6 and Friday, October 7. This will give you access to watch some of the spectacular Dreamforce Keynotes live, witness the tide change with thousands of cloud solutions flocking the expo and probably end up leaving with a huge bag full of goodies.

(FYI, last year’s top goodies included Apple Watches, Ipod’s, Beats Headphones, a Maserati and a Tesla)

If you already have a Dreamforce 2016 full pass, then the Expo+pass is the best way to help out your friend who want to come but can’t.

Here is how you can get your free Dreamforce expo pass.

3. Dreamforce Location Map decoded

This year the Dreamforce campus comprises multiple venues in downtown San Francisco including the all-time favorite Moscone Center, and then Marriott Marquis, InterContinental, The Palace Hotel, Hilton Union Square, and The Park Central which are basically in an around the area.

The center point being the largest convention center, Moscone Center.

In our article with the location essentials for Dreamforce 2016, we have included a map that will help you find the different new zones and lodges in and around the Moscone center. Take my word, it’ll help you find your way to Dreamforce.

Click here to check out our Dreamforce 2016 location essentials.

4. Plan your sessions and set your Agenda!

When it comes to a conference that hosts more than 200,000 people, planning is a prerequisite. If you don’t plan it out well, then you might miss out on the best sessions and keynotes that’ll be held across the 4 days.

Dreamforce Agenda builder is the tool that will help you decide and plan out all the sessions and keynotes you want to attend. But when you are planning, make sure that you register early for them. Because the sessions will fill up quickly and so will the seats to the popular keynotes.

So as the first step, here’s how you can track all the Dreamforce 2016 Sessions.

Once decided, my best advice to you is to register for it right away and bookmark them on your Agenda builder.

Here’s a quick guide to master Dreamforce Agenda builder. After building your agenda for Dreamforce, you can export it your iCal or take out a printed hard copy for reference.

5. Dreamforce 2016 Keynotes you can’t afford to miss!

Salesforce has again roped in Big guns to speak at this year’s conference. While last year’s highlight was Satya Nadella, this year it will be Melinda Gates.

There are much more prominent luminaries who will be speaking at Dreamforce 2016.

Here are 5 MUST-NOT-MISS Dreamforce 2016 Keynotes.

Make sure you prioritize the big keynotes and plan out your time for the smaller ones. It may be a bit difficult to get a comfortable seat at the front, so make sure that you come as early as possible for each of them. And in case you are late, then you can catch the keynotes on the big live screens set up at the Dreamforce plaza.

6. Tune into Road to Dreamforce and Salesforce LIVE

As far as live webcasts are concerned, there are two you must watch out for – The Road to Dreamforce and SalesforceLIVE.

The Road To Dreamforce is a Dreamforce special weekly webcast that will take you behind the scenes, give you up-to-date info, provide tips for newcomers, and more.

During Dreamforce, many of the sessions and keynotes of Dreamforce 2016 will be streamed live on SalesforceLIVE. So that means, you get to avoid all the hassle of walking till your legs get sore or getting comfortable seats for your favorite event. Instead, you can just tune in online and watch the programs live on your PC or smartphone. Convenient, isn’t it?

Share the news with friends and colleague who won’t be able to make it. They’d truly appreciate the gesture.

Here’s the guide that will show you how to register and watch Dreamforce 2016 live.

7. Get live updates on Dreamforce 2016

Staying updated before and during the conference about all the things that are happening is important. And for that, there are plenty of online resources. (Our blog, included)

We’ve also covered that for you.

Here’s all that you need to get live updates on Dreamforce 2016.

8. Party hard while at Dreamforce

There are a number of amazing parties look forward during Dreamforce. Most of them are hosted by Salesforce sponsors and solution providers and will give you ample space to network with peers.

Make sure you find time for them and also RSVP to the best ones beforehand.

We’ve been scooping all the updates about Dreamforce parties and have created a listicle.

Here’s the ultimate guide to Dreamforce 2016 parties.

9. Network, empathize, get to know the crowd, explore!

Dreamforce is not just about the conference. It is as much about business as it is about fun. There are so many things that you could do while at Dreamforce, that you literally need a solid plan to make them happen.

And besides the conference, you might also want to explore San Francisco. Well, here’s a ready-made itinerary for that.

Check out – 5 Things You Must Experience in San Francisco During Dreamforce

Lastly, we’ll also be there at Dreamforce 2016

10. Meet Whatfix at Dreamforce

While you are running hither thither enjoying the conference, don’t forget to stop by the expo hall and say hi to us. We’ll be at Booth #134 at the Moscone Center. Here’s a map of Moscone North Expo that will help you find us.

Meet Whatfix at Dreamforce booth number #134

So now you know where we will be. We are looking forward to meeting you!  🙂

If you are planning on getting a tool that can streamline your User Onboarding, Training, and Support requirements then we are DEFINITELY IT. Our real-time interactive walkthroughs will help your organization train better proactively.

Sign up here for a personalized demo of Whatfix while you are at Dreamforce.

To make your experience at Dreamforce count, one of our team members wrote this brilliant article on How To Make The Most Out Of Dreamforce 2016. I recommend that you read it prior the conference. There are some great tips and tricks in there!

Here’s hoping to an amazing Dreamforce.

Do let me know if you have any other queries in the comments.


Meet Whatfix at Dreamforce 2016 on booth number 134

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