The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For An Awesome Dreamforce 2015

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Dreamforce 2015

Let’s begin this cheat sheet with the most important thing, without which this post itself is irrelevant, i.e., Dreamforce 2015 registration.

*If you have already registered, then just skim through this section.

How to register for Dreamforce 2015 with a $100 discount?

Till last month, there were a lot of discounts available for the Dreamforce registration. But now, it’s a tad bit late. With just about a fortnight more to go for the mega conference, the registration alone costs $1,599. And the only shot at discounts now are the sponsor discounts.

Whatfix is one of the exhibitor sponsors of Dreamforce 2015. And we have a promo code for you, that’ll get you a $100 discount right away on your registration.

Our Dreamforce 2015 Promo Code: EC15WFCM

Also, to get step by step instructions on the registration process, you can check out our blog post on – Dreamforce 2015 registration.

Finding accommodation for Dreamforce.

There is no doubt that this month, San Francisco is going to be flooded with a horde of professionals from different parts of the world. With Foo Fighters coming in for the Gala, the city itself will be amidst one huge head banging concert crowd.

Whilst all the excitement, a vital factor would be where you stay. Closer would be better, but probably by now, most of the hotels near the Moscone Center would have been booked. But don’t fret, we have short-listed the possible ways by which you can get yourself a decent place to stay during the conference.

Here are – 6 Ways To Find The Best Dreamforce Hotels and Accommodations

Help out a friend – Get free Dreamforce 2015 expo passes!

With the free Dreamforce expo pass, you and your friends can get access to some spectacular keynotes, cloud expos with thousands of live solutions and some invigorating breakdown sessions. This is a great option for those of you who can’t attend the four-day conference but want to learn as much as possible, while not burning a hole in the pocket.

So don’t wait anymore, get your free Dreamforce expo pass right now.

Even with the free expo pass, if you still can’t convince your boss to send you to San Francisco for Dreamforce, then try another trick in Salesforce’s book – Find out what Dreamforce is worth to your company with its ROI calculator.

Plan your sessions and set your Agenda!

Dreamforce is going to be an amazing experience. So to get the most out of it, make sure that you pre-schedule what to attend. Dreamforce Agenda builder is the tool that will help you decide and plan out all the sessions and keynotes you want to attend. But when you are planning, make sure that you register early for them. Because, the sessions will fill up quickly and so will the seats to the popular keynotes. But with over 1,500 sessions to go with, you will definitely have plenty of options to go for.

So as the first step, track the Dreamforce 2015 Sessions that you would want to attend.

And then plan it out completely with the Dreamforce Agenda builder. Once you make your own Agenda for Dreamforce, then you can export it your iCal or take out a printed hard copy for reference.

Dreamforce 2015 Keynotes you can’t afford to miss!

Prioritize the big keynotes and plan out your time for the smaller ones. It may be a bit difficult to get a comfortable seat in the front, so make sure that you come as early as possible for each of them. And in case you are late, then you can catch the keynotes on the big live screens set up at the Dreamforce plaza.

This blog post will give you an insight into the 6 Dreamforce 2015 Keynotes You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Dreamforce Location Map

Dreamforce 2015 is being held at the Moscone Center, the largest convention center in San Francisco. So if this is your first time in the city or the convention or both, then our location essentials will definitely be useful to you.

In our location essentials, we have included a map that will help you find the Moscone centre from different areas of San Francisco and also a guide to the exhibition map of Dreamforce 2015, that includes various exhibitor booths, conference halls and cloud expos inside the convention centre.

Click here to view your Dreamforce 2015 location map.

Watch Dreamforce live online

Many of the events in Dreamforce 2015 will be streamed live. This means, even if you are not attending the conference, you can still get to be a part of this happening conference. The live webcast will show you everything from the keynotes of luminaries to the breakout sessions conducted by thought leaders to the interviews with the guests and attendees, live from the conference.

This guide will show you where you can watch Dreamforce 2015 live.

Meet Whatfix at Dreamforce

While you are running hither thither enjoying the conference, don’t forget to stop by the expo halls and say hi to us. Our booth at Dreamforce is in the Moscone North Expo Hall #N2230. Here’s a map of Moscone North Expo that will help you find us.

Whatfix booth #N2230, Moscone North

So now you know where we will be. We are looking forward to meeting you!  🙂 

Have an amazing Dreamforce!

Meet Whatfix at Booth #N2230

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