4 Salesforce Lightning Security Hacks Every Admin Must Learn

Salesforce Lightning security

As the leading CRM in the world, Salesforce has been keeping a keen eye on its security. Thanks to the thousands of Admins and Developers working on it, they have been able to develop a proactive system, that can address all the Salesforce Lightning security concerns effectively.

Even though it is a cloud based CRM, like all other data storage options, Salesforce Lightning has vulnerabilities, both malicious and accidental. These vulnerabilities can greatly affect the working of the system and may also cause severe data loss.

So, in this post, we will be showing you 4 must-know hacks via Whatfix flows, which will help you keep a lid on such situations. Although, there are a lot more security features in Salesforce, these are some of the prominent ones that you should learn.

To enable the Whatfix flows in the interactive mode, try the Whatfix Way. Click on the image below to get started.The Whatfix Way

Moving on to the first one:

1. How to manage sessions in Salesforce Lightning

The user session information page gives the information about all the active sessions on your Salesforce. Keeping a close look at the details on this page, like users associated with each session, IP address, geographic information, session type, activity log, etc., will help you understand the nature of each session. With this, you can easily track all the unauthorized usage in your Salesforce.

Click on ‘See Live’ on the following flow to view it in Whatfix interactive mode:

Setting password restriction in Salesforce Lightning is another way to avoid malicious usage. Let’s take a look at how to do it, in the next flow.

2. How to set Password policies for users in Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning allows you to set various passwords and login policies to help with your organization’s security. These password policies are simply restrictions that dictate whether a user can access a particular element in the Lightning experience, or not.

This flow will show you how you can set up these restrictions and also provide assistance for users in case they forget the password or get locked out of their account.

Here you can set up password history, length, and complexity requirements along with other values. Click on ‘See Live’ to begin with the flow:

Another aspect that you should control is the upload and download of file within your Salesforce.

3. How to set up file upload and download security in Salesforce Lightning

Controlling the uploaded and downloaded file in Salesforce Lightning is crucial. Easing the process, Lightning experience allows you to configure the way different file types are handled during upload and download

Salesforce Lightning mainly gives 3 options to choose from for file handling:

  • Download – Regardless of what the file type is, it is downloaded
  • Execute in Browser – Regardless of the file type, the file is executed and displayed via web browser
  • Hybrid – Only Salesforce files are downloaded. All the other attachment and documents and execute in the browser.

This flow will take you step by step and show you how to setup file handling in Salesforce Lightning.

The last one is about defining the rules for sharing files within the CRM.

4. How to define a sharing rule in Salesforce Lightning

This flow will show you how to setup your Salesforce’s sharing settings. By setting this up, you will be able to specify the level of access your users have for each of the shared data.

Would you like more flows to be featured on Salesforce Lightning Security? Tell us in our comments.

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