15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams in 2020 To Boost Productivity

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15 Salesforce Integrations For Sales Teams To Boost Productivity

Nearly two-thirds of a sales reps time is spent on reporting, administrative, and data cleansing tasks. Sales reps’ productivity takes a huge hit since they are spending a significant amount of time on these non-selling activities than on more vital aspects like making the sale and closing the deal.

Being a sales rep, your main concern is making the sale. Yes, the data updation, scheduling, email syncing kind of tasks are important and aid you in the selling process but that isn’t the core of what you do. There are Salesforce integrations for sales teams that can help you save that two-thirds of your time by automating some of these activities. Here are 15 of them –

Sales Enablement Platforms

Sales Enablement is meant to help salespeople improve the execution of key sales activities like sales calls, follow-ups, managing accounts, and more. A Sales Enablement Platform is intended to equip sales reps with all the necessary information they can use in the sales cycle to successfully accomplish their tasks. Here are two Salesforce integrations for sales teams to help increase their productivity.

1. Highspot

Highspot - 15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams To Boost Productivity

Highspot is a platform that helps enterprises deliver sales enablement using AI-powered search, contextual training, application support, and guided selling.

Sales reps can access all the content about their company from within Salesforce itself. With its advanced filtering features, Highspot’s Sales Content Management ensures that any solution or resource the sales reps may need is easily accessible. Sales reps can access content and email templates based on the characteristics of the Salesforce record. For any given scenario, Highspot makes intelligent recommendations of the product related documentation like product overview deck, case studies etc that you can share with your prospect. You can also access this content in Gmail with Highspot’s Chrome extension while emailing your prospects so you don’t have to switch between your inbox and wherever the documentation is stored.

2. Salesmethods

Salesmethods - 15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams To Boost Productivity
SalesMethods is a sales enablement platform, native to Salesforce, to drive sales effectiveness and efficiency. Their applications like Plan2Prosper and Plan2Close are called Playbooks that help your salespeople to create, manage, and execute the sales plans efficiently. SalesMethods has several sales tools as well like OrgChartPlus, BlueSpace, CompetingForces, EnGarde, and ValuMaker.

This platform equips your sales team with onboarding, training, providing relevant content, relationship management, mapping the buyer’s addressable spend, determining buying criteria and more.

Using SalesMethods’ Maestro you can tailor your sales methodologies and the playbooks to fit your organisation.

3. Whatfix

Whatfix - 15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams To Boost Productivity

If you are stuck at some task on Salesforce and don’t know how to continue, you would ask someone how to do it or go to the Salesforce Help and Support or knowledge base to find the answer or Google it and find an overwhelming plethora of information. All of which are time consuming actions. Instead, if you can find the solution in-app, one that guides you through the steps from start to finish, it would increase productivity as well as save a lot of time.

Whatfix helps you train sales reps in a contextual manner by guiding them in real-time on the Salesforce platform. Developing Salesforce skills can be quite difficult and would require a lot of practice. This practice is most effective when it is in the live environment of Salesforce.

With this, you can handhold your sales reps step-by-step through a task without them having to find and refer any external resources.

Sales Engagement Platforms

Sales Engagement Platforms are becoming necessary Salesforce integrations for sales teams since they help you communicate in a more efficient and personalized way. These sales tools enhance the existing workflows across Salesforce, your Email, phone, and more to improve the way the sales teams engage with the prospects.

4. Salesloft

Salesloft - 15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams To Boost Productivity

SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform that helps teams set up an efficient cadence management system ensuring consistency in your prospecting activities.

With this, you can automatically record activities in Salesforce making it easier to monitor and track the sales actions. Using the automation rules, executing repetitive tasks like periodic follow-up emails doesn’t have to be manual anymore. The Sync Log gives you a real-time log of all the activities, their status, and outcomes so admins can get valuable insights into the data that is being transferred.

Salesloft’s integration with Salesforce ensures that your leads don’t fall through the cracks by creating consistency in reaching out and following up making certain that your sales team can stay on top of the sales cycle.

5. Outreach

Outreach - 15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams To Boost Productivity

Outreach helps in automating the selling process through customized workflows that are user-defined and bi-directional data syncing. Sales reps don’t have to waste time on administrative tasks and data logging from disparate sources since Outreach automates all this. For instance, its Lead Conversion Detection feature automatically remaps the lead on conversion and updates the data in Salesforce accordingly.

The real-time version control in data transfer ensures that if any record has changed either on Outreach or on Salesforce, the most recent log is updated.

For all your email needs, Outreach provides a host of features like A/B testing, track email open rates and clicks, and more. The Intelligence Tiles equips the sales reps with relevant information about the people and organizations they engage with. It consolidates the data for each prospect from various sources like LinkedIn, MapBox, Owler etc and offers Engagement Insights, Prospect Overview, Account Overview, and Social Overview.

Data Cleaning and Management Apps

If you have duplicate records, or can’t find the right information of a record, or need to understand your sales pipeline, data cleaning, and management tools help you set the records straight. These Salesforce integrations for sales fix all your data updation, duplication, and merging problems eliminating the tediousness of manual data cleaning.

6. Cloudingo

Cloudlingo - 15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams To Boost Productivity

Cloudlingo helps you automate cleaning your Salesforce database and mass imports by removing duplicate records.

One glance of the dashboard itself gives you all the information of the state of your data. With this, you can find duplicate records and dedupe data, auto-merge, mass merge or manually merge duplicate data, mass update and delete records, geocode and standardize addresses and more.

7. Mass Update & Edit

Mass Update and Edit - 15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams To Boost Productivity

This is a free app for all your mass data updation needs. This is one of the Salesforce Labs Apps which is a set of free apps that Salesforce has created.

Using this app, you and your sales team can mass update an unlimited set of records, mass delete multiple records, clone, create, convert, and merge multiple records, and more.

8. Dataloader.io

Dataloader - 15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams To Boost Productivity

This is a data loader app by Mulesoft for Salesforce to quickly import, export, and delete unlimited data. You just use your Salesforce login details to access Dataloader.io eliminating the hassle of downloading an application.

With the auto-mapping feature, data is automatically mapped relevantly so you don’t have to spend too much time on mapping data from the source file to the Salesforce fields.

You can just take the CSV file of your data, tell it what fields to map, and run the updates or upserts. You can even run multiple updates simultaneously.

Dataloader.io lets you import and export data directly from Box, DropBox, etc. You can also schedule the import and export tasks to repeat periodically. Dataloader.io is free to use but it also has some useful premium features.

Contract Management

As the title itself suggests, Contract Management is an essential part of the sales cycle as it deals with creating, managing, and executing contracts everytime a sales rep closes a deal. It has almost become an unavoidable part of the Salesforce Integrations for sales teams as it considerably reduces financial risks.

9. Icertis

Icertis - 15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams To Boost Productivity

Icertis Contract Management (ICM) seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and helps organizations accelerate, protect and optimize commercial activities by increasing contracting efficiency, maximizing revenue, controlling costs and reduce risks.

With this integration, sales reps can create and process contracts, use pre-defined forms to speed up contract creation, and easily search and pull up any data about a contract. Recently, ICM added AI to their platform enabling companies to solve their contract management challenges by offering intelligent clause identification, accurate attribute extraction, and powerful data validation interface.

Especially when the volume of contracts is really high, having a repository of contracts that can be easily accessed can help an organization save a lot of time especially during crucial times like contract renewals or termination. Using ICM, organizations will be equipped with a contract management hub that takes care of all the contract needs.

10. SpringCM

SpringCM - 15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams To Boost Productivity

SpringCM integration with Salesforce equips your sales team with a central repository of all the contracts and documents directly in Salesforce.

You can easily store, organize, and access documents in any Salesforce account, opportunity or case allowing your team to always have access to an in-depth document storage, organization, and workflow capabilities. It lets you drag and drop documents directly from your desktop into Salesforce. The contracts created automatically get filed into the respective client folders as well.

If you are missing key dates like contract renewals, terminations, expiration, etc, you can set alerts using SpringCRM so you don’t miss these important dates.  

The ultimate benefit here is that you don’t have to leave the Salesforce application to generate, edit, or create your contracts with the SpringCM integration.

11. Apptus Contract Lifestyle Management

Apptus - 15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams To Boost Productivity

Apptus Contract Lifestyle Management uses Artificial Intelligence for drafting agreements to reduce the risk and contract cycle time.

The guided contract wizards and self-service contract portals help your sales team to draft and send contracts to the customers. The automated end-to-end contract obligations ensure proper accounting takes place.

Max, which is Apptus’ AI for enterprises, assists users via a conversation user interface like text or speech to create quotes, contracts, retrieve relevant data and more. Max can be accessed through channels like Skype, Slack, and SMS.

It has built-in templates for different functionalities like proposals, change in order, legal agreements etc covering various clauses.

This contract management tool helps the team have more visibility and control of the contracts, enables GDPR compliance and other key regulations thus helping you avoid any bottlenecks that could arise from outdated contract processes.

Digital Signature Apps

These tools give you and your clients the ability to sign and send contracts or any other documentation that is necessary while closing a deal. At the crucial moment of signing contracts, these Salesforce integrations for sales teams will prove to be extremely useful by speeding up the documentation process.

12. DocuSign

DocuSign - 15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams To Boost Productivity

DocuSign is an eSignature app for Salesforce that’s rated #1 by analysts like Forrester and Gartner.

This tool’s integration with Salesforce is highly configurable and customizable for all Salesforce cloud solutions. With this, you can speed up transactions with customers since it allows you to sign, send, and track agreements and approvals from anywhere, digitize sales agreements, and automate your sales workflows.

13. Adobe Sign

AdobeSign - 15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams To Boost Productivity

Adobe Sign is another secure eSignature app that works across Salesforce cloud apps and supports Salesforce1 and Lightning. Sales reps can build and send contracts in a fraction of the time and track the approval status within Salesforce itself.

You can send documents to multiple recipients directly from Opportunities, Chatter, Contacts or any other Salesforce object. It supports over 15 languages that you can choose from. Once signed by the customers, the deal status and the contract is automatically updated and stored in Salesforce.

Adobe Sign’s audit trails give you complete visibility and insights on the status of your document.

Your sales team can improve the data accuracy and ability to audit contracts, reduce errors, and more through the merge mapping and data mapping features.

Email and Calendar Sync Apps

Constantly switching between your inbox and calendar can be quite tedious. These Salesforce integrations for sales teams will make it much easier to schedule, update, and manage any communication from the prospects by syncing your inbox and calendar with Salesforce.

14. Ebsta

Ebsta - 15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams To Boost Productivity

Ebsta allows sales reps to view, edit, and update Salesforce directly from your Gmail Inbox on the go. You can automatically cross-reference Salesforce and access customer records while browsing through your inbox.

The bi-directional calendar sync ensures that both your Google and Salesforce calendars are up-to-date and show the updated, recurring, or deleted events. With this, sales reps don’t have to manually update Salesforce thus boosting productivity, the accuracy of management reports, and gives the team visibility into customer engagement. The matching engine syncs emails automatically to the respective object like Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Opportunities or custom objects on Salesforce.

You can also track your emails and get insights on open rates, clicks, the performance of subject lines and more. The real-time notifications help sales reps prioritize follow-ups, automatically trigger personalized emails, and improve your workflows based on the email tracking insights.

Ebsta also integrates with LinkedIn so your sales reps can get automatically alerted to the respective Salesforce records while browsing. Furthermore, it integrates with 50+ websites including prospecting websites like ZoomInfo and Crunchbase and job boards like Indeed and Monster.

15. Cirrus Insight

CirrusInsight - 15 Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams To Boost Productivity

Your organization is bound to be running on Gmail or Outlook. Cirrus Insight seamlessly integrates your Email and Salesforce with a lot more features than the built-in native Gmail integration that Salesforce offers.

It eliminates the otherwise constant switching between Salesforce and your Email by giving you a complete tracking of prospects and opportunities. What this means is that you can instantly open a lead or a prospect directly from your inbox and automatically log any activity in Salesforce.

You can get detailed email tracking insights and automation options that will further simplify your sales team’s tasks.


We’ll be iterating this article and adding more Salesforce Integrations for Sales to this list. Know of a great tool that we missed out? Comment below!

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