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The success ratio of your company’s sales is built up gradually with a strong pipeline of leads, as its backbone. So managing your Salesforce leads efficiently, will help your Sales representatives get their hands on the immediate prospects and with it a shot at a brand new deal. But to make sense of this large amount of data collected, you must first organize and customize your Salesforce accurately in a manner that befits your company’s productivity.

Last week, we walked you through the creation and management of Salesforce leads. In this post, we will show you how you can customize your leads on Salesforce for a better clarity and understanding within your organization.

We recommend trying the Whatfix Way by clicking on the See Live button on the following Whatfix flows -> installing our extension -> to view live walkthroughs within your Salesforce CRM. Here’s how it’s done.

The Whatfix Way

How to map the lead conversion fields in Salesforce?

When you enter a converted lead in your Salesforce, it is automatically moved into new fields that consist of the account, contact, opportunity, etc. Mapping these custom lead fields to the fields of the records to which they are converted, will help you get a clearer picture of the whole sales process. This will make it easier for you for future follow-ups and customer service.


How to create custom list views for leads in Salesforce?

Creating custom list views for your Salesforce leads is a way of instantly accessing different objects associated with your leads. By doing this, you can define the data (For eg, Lead source, opportunities, industry type,  no: of employees, etc.) for the list view and easily filter the leads in your Salesforce according to your preference.


How to edit the standard lead fields in Salesforce

Your default lead fields can be edited depending on your field level security and page layout. This flow will help you customize your lead fields and arrange them in an order that is comfortable to you.


How to use help text on leads

Help texts on your leads will help your colleagues get a clearer description of a particular lead in detail. It is normally viewed as a hovering info icon next to the lead field.


How to add validation rules for leads in Salesforce

Validation rules are basically a few lines of code/syntax that you can add to your Salesforce leads, to verify that the data entered about that lead meets the specified standards. It can be a formula or an expression that computes the value in one or more fields and returns – True or False or an error message as an answer. Here’s how you can set validation rules for your Salesforce leads.

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The next post on this series will feature Opportunities in Salesforce. For more Salesforce guides and Dreamforce 2015 updates, subscribe to our blog.

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