10 Spectacular Sales Tools On Salesforce in 2019 To Sell Smartly!

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10 Spectacular Sales Tools On Salesforce To Sell Smartly!

Salesforce and the Salespeople have a Love-Hate-Can’t-Live-Without Relationship!

Don’t you think so?

Salesforce wholeheartedly loves Salespeople. But the love that Salespeople reciprocate is most of the times, fickle. We can’t blame them really. Salesforce does become quite a tool at times!

And well, the Salespeople are humans, and for obvious reasons – we are wired to rely on things that make our work/life simpler. Salesforce was meant to make selling simpler for them. But, the irony is the simpler things are always packaged with some unexpected difficulty. When the difficulty increases, they become complexity. And complexity, as Tony Robbins put it, is the enemy of execution!

Conclusion – Salesforce became the #1 CRM tool in the world, simplifies the sales process, but is complex in terms of usage and makes life a living hell for people who do not understand it well.

So yeah, that’s the Love-Hate-Can’t-Live-Without Relationship! Salespeople can love or hate Salesforce as much as they want, but they just can’t live without it!

Before I move into the crux of this article, i.e, a listicle of  sales tools for Salesforce, let’s see this scenario in a different perspective with a little role-playing, shall we?

Let’s say you’re a VP of sales at a company that uses Salesforce extensively. Your primary objective is to make sure your employee sell well. (read – “sell a lot more”) And to measure that, Salesforce is imperative. But then you also know that Salesforce is eating up way too much of their time, i.e, about 4-6 hours daily, just to do the administrative tasks.

What would you do to curb that unproductive time? Possibly you could really use some practical hands-on sales tools to increase the time to productivity and ROI of your salespeople. Agreed !?

Truth be told, YOU are why I decided to write this article. And the sales tools on Salesforce mentioned in this article will provide helpful, thought-provoking ideas that will hugely benefit sales leaders/managers/sales reps like YOU.

Note: This here is the 3rd part of my Salesforce productivity series. If you missed out on the other articles, here are the quick links to them.

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Well, that part is sorted. Let’s get on to the sales tools on Salesforce then!

10 Spectacular Sales Tools On Salesforce To Sell Smartly

For ease of reading, I’ve split the tools into multiple categories. Let’s begin with the most important one.

Ensuring Sales enablement and engagement

Both Sales Enablement and Sales Engagement are relatively new ideas in the B2B industry. And believe it or not you will find a number of definitions about it that which will confuse the heck out of you.

So, let me just give you a hint about it before I tell you how to make it work for your Salesforce.

Sales Enablement is simply the process of providing your sales people with information, content, tools, apps etc., that will help them sell efficiently and effectively!

In a way Salesforce itself is a Sales Enablement platform. But, we are talking about how to simplify and empower your sales team with their daily activities on Salesforce. For that, let me categorise them specifically based on their specialty.

1. Salesloft 

Salesloft - Sales tools on Salesforce
provides relevant information based on the Salesforce records like links to social profiles, emails, phone numbers, recent engagements, cadence activity, etc. It helps in converting your CRM from a passive collection of data to an active home base for all your sales communication.

2. Mindmatrix

Mindmatrix - Sales tools on SalesforceMindmatrix is a platform that incorporates all the functions and metrics essential to your sales team into a single software package. It includes features such as asset management, channel enablement, and sales automation. As a business suit, it is an all-in-one software that offers Partner Relationship Management (PRM), Channel Marketing Automation, Channel Sales Enablement, Direct Sales Enablement and Corporate Marketing Automation.

3. Lattice Buyer Insights

Lattice Engines - Sales tools on SalesforceThis predictive analytics platform is built on Salesforce Force.com and is natively integrated with Salesforce1. It shows recommendations about how likely leads, accounts, and customers are to buy, what they’re likely to buy and when. Lattice makes it easy for the sales reps to act on the predictive scores and data helping them identify opportunities and sell better.

4. Ambition

Ambition - Sales tools on Salesforce

If you are looking for a sales tool that will provide you with real-time data driven metrics in multiple forms as productivity dashboards, then Ambition is the way to go. By leveraging this data and KI tracking across Salesforce, Ambition creates powerful feedback loop and opportunities to measure success effectively.

Empower Sales with priority Salesforce training

You must have heard it a million times – “Sell solutions, not features.” In fact, many of the primed salesmen and CEOs profess this as their mantra.

But, does your sales team understand that? Well, to make your team understand that, there are two critical aspects.

Firstly, you must make sure that they have the same passion for the product that the creators have. And secondly, they must know sales tools like Salesforce like the back of their hand. Especially since it is a key ingredient in making their daily bread and butter.

How do you go about that traditionally?

I’ll list down the usual ways organizations do Salesforce training:

  • Instructor led training sessions
  • Self-learning webinars, seminars
  • Online documentations, blogs, articles, guides, etc
  • Training videos that walk you through each section
  • Live feed to teach you real-time
  • And well, the Knowledge bases of course!

But then, here’s a food for thought. All of these ways are time-consuming, has low knowledge retention factor and takes a lot of effort to create. (That’s cue to reconsider your current option.)

Interactive guided walkthrough is a new evolving tech that is changing this scenario for the better. Already adopted by Salesforce and other billion dollar Enterprises like Oracle and ServiceNow, this technology has by far changed the way employees are trained, onboarded and supported on these platforms.

Adding on to the sales tools for Salesforce list, here is one of the most popular interactive walkthrough solution.

5. Whatfix  

Whatfix - Sales tools on Salesforce
Already popular in the Salesforce community, Whatfix has been widely adopted by companies using Salesforce, Force.com platforms and other Enterprise solutions. Whatfix supports companies over a large expanse starting from platform migration from Salesforce Classic to Lightning to user onboarding, employee training, and support. It is a nifty Enterprise grade training, guidance and performance support platform that will help you get your employees up-to-speed in real-time, emphasizing on learning while doing.

See how BMC Remedyforce simplifies their Force.com platform with Whatfix!

Salesforce apps for streamlining communication with automation

Tell any sales guy “Email is dead”, and there you have initiated a conversation that could span for hours! In the last couple of years, many influencers like Mark Zuckerberg dubbed the email will soon be dead. But from the looks of it, email is not going anywhere any sooner.

But over the years, there has been a significant evolution to emails and other communication mediums. Bundle it up with sophisticated CRMs like Salesforce and there you have an arsenal of sales tools!

6. Yesware

Yesware - sales tools for SalesforceYesware is a data-driven prescriptive analytics tool that gives you insights into your sales activity and helps you sync and automate emails, calendars, etc to Salesforce. This sales tool allows you to log activity data, so that you can quickly view the recent contact activity, tasks, emails, attachments, etc, on your Salesforce, in real-time.

7. Ebsta

Ebsta - sales tools for Salesforce
Ebsta is yet another email automation app that help you be more productive on Salesforce. It will help you schedule and sync meetings and other tasks in your calendar easily, track email opens and clicks, and also automate email outreach campaigns effectively. Ebsta also allows you to quickly search for records within your Salesforce and pull up data on its nifty extension.

8. Velocify Pulse

Velocify Pulse - sales tools for SalesforceVelocify Pulse is a sales automation software that helps in organizing, automating and prioritizing leads and opportunities, and in keeping prospects engaged effectively. It will empower your sales team to stay up-to-date with the latest relevant information and insight to effectively engage your prospects.

Supercharge prospecting with Intelligent insights

In the world of inside sales, prospecting plays a huge role. But building a prospecting process from scratch is hard. And if it misfires, that will lead to a lot of lost opportunities.

Here are few sales tools on Salesforce that can give you some great insights into your prospects helping you build a foundation for your communications with them.

9. Mattermark

Mattermark - sales tools for Salesforce
Enrich your Salesforce leads with actionable insights, auto updating information fields, and a foresight with relevant information that you can use to touch base with them. Mattermark provides you with personalized observations based on accurate, timely, useful data within your Salesforce, which will help you in your day-to-day communications with prospects.

10. Hubspot

Hubspot sales - sales tools for Salesforce

Keep your marketing and sales process in sync with Hubspot integration with Salesforce. The integration will provide you with bi-directional lead intelligence like email opens, form submissions, website activity, lead scoring, personalized email designers, etc., which will help your sales team understand their prospects better and close deals efficiently.

Accelerate Salesforce Adoption

This here is an ongoing list of Sales tools for Salespeople. (Updated bi-monthly)
Do you have any to add? Suggest them in the comments below.

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