7 Writing Tips For Creating A Great User Experience

writing tips for a great user experience
Once customers buy your product — you, as the product owner, should fell even more responsible. Because it’s your job to ensure that customers get onboard smoothly and also use your product with ease....
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How To Build Kickass Salesforce Apps With Lightning App Builder

How To Build Kickass Salesforce Apps With Lightning App Builder
Salesforce Lightning App Builder is a boon for all Salesforce users. Irrespective of what the user’s expertise is, they can easily use this nifty tool to create engaging applications. And the highlight is, it can be done, without writing even a single line of code.
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What's New In Salesforce Lightning UI

What's New In Salesforce Lightning UI
In this post, we will introduce you to all that’s new with the Salesforce Lightning UI. There are many exciting features and the official release is only a couple of days away, i.e October 17th, 2015.
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7 Ways To Hire The Right Onboarding Manager

At the end of the onboarding process, the employee is expected to have the skills required to take on the job, knowledge about the organization and the behavior expected from the employee. The onboarding process is extremely important because it determines how productive an employee will turn out to be in the future and ofcourse everyone wants a good employee!....
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What Is Salesforce Lightning and Why It Is Going to Blow Your Mind

What is Salesforce Lightning
With its rollout out just a few days away, October 17th to be precise, everyone is thrilled. The reimagined platform of Salesforce has had a lot of changes from the classic version. In fact, the user-friendly design has a lot more going, on the features front.
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5 Customer Service Skills Every SaaS Support Team Needs

Customer Satisfaction Service Support Assistance Concept
Anyone in your business that will come in contact with users of your product by phone, by email, or through social media will eventually have to provide some form of customer service, either before making the sale or after. In this post, we're going to look at five customer skills that every employee in your business needs to acquire and retain happy users.
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What Is Customer Retention, Where Does It Start, And How Can It Grow Your Business?

Customer retention
If you’re having trouble retaining customers, your marketing efforts are like hauling water in a leaky sieve (but this time, it’s dollars leaking out). Your business is hurting, and if you can’t keep customers around, failure is just around the corner. So let’s clear up some misunderstandings about customer retention and set you on the path to success, shall we?
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The 3 Pillars Of Customer Retention And How To Build Them Right

customer retention
The difference between a business that grows sustainably and the one that burns out in just a few months is more often than not just, customer lifetime value. With more and more businesses coming into play, offering similar products/services, this powerful metric has become difficult to achieve....
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Customer Retention Strategies & Why Customer Service Isn’t Enough

You have a great product that solves somebody’s problems; you’re already attracting (mostly) your ideal customers; and your challenge now is keeping them. We’ll take these three facts as given, because without those ducklings in a row, you don’t have a shot at customer retention...
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Hack: How To Use Your Customer Success Stories To Grow Your Startup

customer success stories
There is free content that no one has told you anything about? This content is being shared by your customers on a regular basis but there is a good chance that you are not tapping into it. Success Stories...
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Salesforce 101 - 4 Useful Hacks To Manage Salesforce Email

Salesforce 101 - 4 Useful Hacks To Manage Salesforce Email
Irrespective of the email client you use, as a Salesforce user, you have the native email service within the CRM. This chapter of Salesforce 101 will show you four hacks that will help you manage this native email service within Salesforce.
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6 Advanced Tips To Improve Small Business Customer Service

mall businesses are known for going the extra mile to better their customer’s experience. Each customer is treated as an individual and not a number, which is not the case in large businesses and corporations – to them, it is the sales that matter....
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10 Marc Benioff Quotes That Will Motivate You To Achieve Greatness

10 Marc Benioff Quotes That Will Motivate You To Achieve Greatness
A visionary who started Salesforce in the form Software As A Service (SaaS) platform. The idea and the platform took off to inspire an entire generation of entrepreneurs.Here are 10 of his most amazing quotes to motivate you:
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The Must Have Onboarding Checklist

After going through the grind of ‘welcoming and settling in’ our users, making mistakes and improvising on the go, we created a ‘fits all businesses’ user onboarding checklist. And here’s what it looks like...
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How I Mastered Salesforce In A Week Using Whatfix Guides

master salesforce
When I first heard of Salesforce one week ago, I had no idea what it was. All I was told about Salesforce was that is it is a Customer Relations Management platform. I was clueless on what to expect from the platform and then I came across Whatfix’s free extension that promised to help me master it quickly and efficiently.
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Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business


Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business


Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business