6 Ways To Find Dreamforce Hotels and Accommodations

Dreamforce 2017
6 Ways To Find Dreamforce Hotels and Accommodations

This November, San Francisco will be flooded with approx. 200K+ trailblazers attending the Dreamforce 2017! Well, that means there is a likely chance that the Dreamforce hotels, Airbnb’s, VRBO’s, etc., will be fully booked within a month’s time.

To make it quick and easy, I have just the right guide for you to find Dreamforce hotels and accommodations for November.

With a few more months more to go for the big event, the tourism leaders of SF are extremely are excited. Although proximity may be the key to a very comfortable Dreamforce experience, the chances of getting hotels closer to the campus are very slim. So to add on to your luck, we have made a short list of the possible ways you can find accommodation in San Francisco for Dreamforce 2016.

Before we start with the guide here are something that you should keep in your mind.

1. Proximity is the key to a comfortable Dreamforce experience. The closer you get to the Dreamforce 2017 dates, the slimmer your chances are to get a hotel nearby the campus.  Also, make sure you book your tickets well in advance. (like right about NOW)

2. Dreamforce has a large footprint in downtown SF. That includes Moscone Center in the center featuring the expo, then other events happening across downtown SF at Marriott Marquis, InterContinental, the Palace Hotel, Hilton Union Square, the Park Central, and the Westin St. Francisco. So, make sure you find your accommodation according to where you are put up.

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With that cleared up, let’s quickly get to the Dreamforce hotels and accommodations!

1. Official Dreamforce hotels

Exhibiting in Dreamforce 2017? Then the best Dreamforce accommodation would be that provided by Salesforce itself. Salesforce has contracts with over a 100 Bay Area hotels. So, there is a likely chance that you’ll get discounted rates for hotels, plus transportation to the Moscone, conference venues and complimentary internet access.

These hotels can be booked during the registration process and are available on first come, first served and real-time availability basis.

To make things much much simpler for you, here’s a PDF list of Dreamforce 2017 hotels and accommodations. – Dreamforce 2017 Hotels list – Official

2. Book a Rental

Airbnb, VRBO, and Hotel Planner have listed a wide range of local accommodations in San Francisco. These could be hotel rooms, shared rooms, apartments, or even villas which might be comfortable and suitable to your needs.

You can also keep an eye on all the available Dreamforce hotels and AirBnbs via AllTheRooms.

3. Book a package deal via popular travel websites.

Travel websites may be the best bet to find an affordable place and book with ease. With a lot of websites like Expedia, Kayak, Hotwire, etc., offering package deals with discounts, this could be a viable option if you are traveling a long distance to San Francisco.

Expert tip: Trans-Atlantic flights are busier in the period before and after Dreamforce. If you are traveling from Europe, the best is to get your tickets done asap.

4. San Francisco Travel Housing

The SF Travel Association offers housing services for conventions. For Dreamforce, they have partnered with Booking.com to help the attendees. They specialize in booking and tracking hotel rooms after cutoff dates.

5. Keep in touch with other attendees via Dreamforce Community

SFDC Community has a lot of hot and happening groups with Dreamforce veterans and like-minded attendees, who can give you great ideas. This also is a place where you may find roomies for the 4-day conference. So, make sure that you join these groups and keep track of all the things happening in there.

6. Map our Dreamforce hotels and locations

It’s likely that you will get all confounded with the Dreamfroce hotel hunt. So, here’s a handy map with the hotels of the Bay Àrea that will help once you decide on your Dreamforce accommodation.

For comprehensive information on the wide variety of public transportation options in the Bay Area, you can also visit 511.org or BART.gov

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    Hi , I have booked my accommodation through airbnb but now as I have some other constraints I would like to give it to someone who is interested and can take the accommodation which I have booked for dreamforce.please reach out to me for more information on bitrasowjanya@gmail.com

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