Dreamforce Agenda Builder: 6 Tips To Create The Perfect Experience

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Dreamforce Agenda Builder

In a couple of months, you are about to be dropped into a world of over 3000 sessions, 100+ Circles of Success, 50 workshops, keynotes and hatful of activities. Prior to going to a huge conference like Dreamforce, it’s important to plan out your Dreamforce agenda to make the maximum out of it. If you’re thinking “I’ll just find some sessions when I show up.”, you might be in for hours of scrolling through the Dreamforce sessions list and miss listening to Dreamforce speakers most important to you. The good news is that the Dreamforce Agenda Builder is FINALLY LIVE!! This means that you can start adding your favorite sessions and keynotes to the Dreamforce agenda builder and plan out how you can make the best out of this year’s Dreamforce experience.

We’ve outlined all the necessary steps for you to make the best of your Dreamforce agenda using the Dreamforce agenda builder-

How To Use The Dreamforce Agenda Builder

1. Create a game plan

Have you been bookmarking the Dreamforce sessions most important to you all these days? Great! Now’s a good time to review them. You’d have bookmarked or noted down the sessions according to the topics most relevant to you or Dreamforce speakers you’re interested in. Take the time to prioritize them and check if there are any overlapping sessions with the help of the Dreamforce Agenda Builder.

Few questions you should have the answers to while creating your Dreamforce agenda for 2019 –

  1. What are the sessions that I cannot, should not, will not miss? 
  2. Who are the Dreamforce speakers I want to interact with?
  3. Which Dreamforce keynotes should I attend?
  4. What skills do I want to learn (so you pick relevant workshops to learn them!)
  5. What are the overarching themes that you are most interested in?

Identify the gaps in your Salesforce knowledge. It could be about Salesforce adoption issues, Lightning migration, technical questions, or products/features you’re less familiar with. Look for sessions, workshops, and activities that will give you best practices, implementation tips, and certifications so you can leave Dreamforce with bags full of knowledge.

Dreamforce agenda builder

2. Check out the Dream themes

Another way to hone in on the sessions most impactful to you is by checking out the Dream Themes. These are high-level topics that you’re interested in to help you narrow down the sessions you want to attend to a core set.

Let’s say you want to learn everything you can about Lightning Migration. On the Dreamforce Agenda Builder, you can select the theme Lightning Activation and find all the Dreamforce sessions, activities, workshops, and keynotes related to Lightning  Migration.

Dreamforce agenda builder

3. Bookmark Theater Sessions

There are close to 1473 theater sessions for you to choose from. These sessions are the best way to learn tips and tricks, hear success stories, and engage with Salesforce experts across industries! You can easily bookmark your session as part of your Dreamforce agenda using the Agenda Builder.

Oh and we have 2 amazing theater sessions lined up for you, guaranteed to give you some interesting insights. Here are the details so you can bookmark them using the Dreamforce Agenda Builder

Breakout Session

How Amazon Web Services & UPS Won at Salesforce Adoption

Find out how multimillion-dollar companies such as AWS and UPS have tackled challenges with employee adoption of Salesforce using Whatfix’s contextual and autonomous user guidance inside the applications and increased sales productivity.

Dreamforce sessions

Theater Session 1

How DaVita uses In-App Learning to Promote Salesforce Adoption

Join Gary Malhotra, VP Product Marketing at Whatfix and Erik Granered, Salesforce Admin at DaVita and learn how this healthcare company uses Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Platform to provide ‘learning in the flow of work’ and increase sales productivity while reducing training costs.

Dreamfore sessions

Theater Session 2

Supercharge Sales Productivity with AI-Enabled Digital Adoption

Learn how our Digital Adoption Platform uses intelligent automation to help employees stay focused on the productive activities that lead to business results while driving digital adoption.

Dreamforce sessions

4. Analyze with Einstein

If you remember, when you were registering for Dreamforce, you selected topics that you’re interested in. With Dreamforce Agenda Builder, Einstein analyzes those topics as well as your bookmarks and offers up a curated list of suggestions that are most relevant to you helping you to narrow down your Dreamforce agenda.

5. Add Dreamforce Keynotes

There are over 40 Dreamforce keynotes spanning across various products and industries from some of the most inspiring and innovative Trailblazers in the world. These keynotes are life-changing so make sure you add a few of these to your Dreamforce Agenda Builder. Here are a few that we found quite interesting.

6. Chatter Away!

Chatter is enabled in every session to interact with Dreamforce speakers. You can tag the speakers, shoot out your questions to them, request a copy of the presentation, and engage with the session owners. You can also easily collaborate with people who are attending the Dreamforce sessions and see what sessions and keynotes you need to add to your Dreamforce Agenda Builder.

These are some of our best tips to use the Dreamforce agenda builder effectively. Bookmark the sessions and keynotes you find most relevant and keep coming back to this article for the latest updates about the Dreamforce agenda builder. We promise to post it here once it goes live. Any day now!

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