Dreamforce 2018 Guide For Trailblazers

Dreamforce 2018 Guide For Trailblazers

No one will ever force you to go to Dreamforce 2018! Well, If someone does, then, believe me, he/she is one of the most selfless human beings on the face of the earth.

With about 2 months to go for the ginormous B2B Conference, the Salesforce ecosystem is already keen and excited about Dreamforce. From the trailblazers trying to convince their bosses by justifying their ROI, to those could-be-lucky ones who are hunting for the Full Conference passes, to the social media chatter of the ones who’ve already got their passes – the Dreamforce high seems to be getting stronger each day!

Adding a pinch of sugar into that Dreamforce high, this article could be your go-to place to learn and read a lot more about all things Dreamforce 2018 and San Francisco.

The Dreamforce 2018 Guide For Trailblazers

Like every year, we at Whatfix have been compiling and collating some exclusive Dreamforce special content. Collating all of them together, this here is Dreamforce 2018 guide for Trailblazers!

Let’s jump right in.

Travel & Accommodation while at Dreamforce 2018

Dreamforce Map - The Dreamforce 2018 Guide For Trailblazers

Dreamforce has a huge footprint in downtown San Francisco. With the Moscone Center as the hub, Dreamforce 2018 also expands to Marriott Marquis, InterContinental, the Palace Hotel, Hilton Union Square, the Park Central, and the Westin St. Francisco.

With that in mind, prioritize your accommodation based on the venue of your activities. Proximity is the key to a great Dreamforce experience. If you are closer to the venue, easier it will be to commute. If you are staying at one the Dreamforce hotels then you can also avail the shuttle service to the Moscone Center and the other venues.

As for commuting, with some smart planning, you can get around without spending much. Dreamforce shuttle service would be the best bet, and then comes the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) which is cheaper and quicker. Watch out for travelling via your car or through Uber/Lyft, especially because the roads in downtown SF gets particularly clogged during the Dreamforce week.

We’ve written a quick post to help you with the Dreamforce location as well. Check out – Dreamforce Location Map Decoded


Plan your sessions and set your Agenda in advance!

Dreamforce sessions - The Dreamforce 2018 Guide For Trailblazers

With the huge geographical spread of Dreamforce compared to any conference, getting to the sessions you want to attend could mean walking a mile or two at a time. Combining this with the thousands of enthusiastic Trailblazers eager to get to their sessions, expect delays, queues and even a houseful board right up front of the session hall. The only way out, plan out the sessions in advance and register for them in your Agenda builder. (Which will be out soon!)

We will be doing a piece on the Agenda builder as soon as it is out. Stay tuned to it by subscribing to our Dreamforce special newsletter.

Map out the must-watch Dreamforce 2018 Keynotes!

Dreamforce keynotes - The Dreamforce 2018 Guide For Trailblazers

Every year Salesforce ropes in some of the BIG GUNS to speak at Dreamforce 2018. With this year’s lineup still a mystery, there is no doubt there will be many meaningful keynotes which could transform your thinking, your work life and inspire you for the better.

While we wait for that lineup, here’s my expert tip for the Dreamforce 2018 keynotes.

Make sure you prioritize the big keynotes and plan out your time for the smaller ones. It may be a bit difficult to get a comfortable seat at the front, so make sure that you come as early as possible for each of them. And in case you are late, then you don’t try to budge in the hall, instead catch the keynotes on the big live screens set up at the Dreamforce plaza.

Read up on Dreamforce 2018

Many blogs have been actively creating content around Dreamforce since like, always. So it’s highly likely that you will find older content, rather than fresh ones. To ease things for you, we have curated a list of the top-notch blogs that produce fresh Dreamforce content that’ll help you stay on top of everything Dreamforce!

Salesforce Blog –  The official blog of Salesforce with the latest news and updates.

Salesforce Developers Blog – The Developer specific Salesforce blog.

Whatfix Academy – Our Dreamforce section has intriguing content related Dreamforce, Salesforce Influencers and some interesting pieces on how you can make the most of your time at San Francisco.

SalesforceBen – Albeit being a hardcore Salesforce blog, Salesforce Ben features a lot of articles from a diverse trailblazer on Dreamforce.

Apttus Blog – Great collection of Dreamforce tips and tricks from Salesforce platform partner Apttus.

Know of a blog that should be featured here? Tweet out to me at @i_mgokul

Want to check out more cool Salesforce Blogs, here’s – Top Salesforce Blogs 2018 That Every Trailblazer Should Follow!

Parties, Dreamfest and Swag hunt

There’s plenty of must not miss events at Dreamforce. Two of them are the Sponsor parties and the Dreamfest.

Dreamforce Parties

Let’s first talk about parties. In the Dreamforce week, San Francisco is pretty much on round-the-clock partying mode. Be it breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or even a disco, parties are unavoidable and plenty at Dreamforce. Watch out for the exclusive party invites from the sponsors of Dreamforce.


Secondly, there is the Dreamfest. The mega gala of Dreamforce which has featured popular artists and bands like Metallica, Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars, The Killers, John Legend and many more. So far, Salesforce has kept the all of the rumours at bay about who will be performing at the Dreamfest. But, expect something big on the night of September 26th.

We’ll soon be putting up a list of all the parties at Dreamforce and an exclusive article on Dreamfest.

Dreamforce Swags & Giveaways

One of the best things about attending Dreamforce is the swags. Many of the attendees walk in with a measly backpack. And leave Dreamforce with swags that are a lot more than their investment in attending the event.

And where do you get all of them? Well, most of them are from through the contests conducted by the Dreamforce sponsors at the Cloud Expo. So head out, keep a close watch on what’s where and plan out for a full-scale swag hunt.

Help out a friend – with a Dreamforce 2018 pass!

You may be sorted. But I am sure many of your friends/colleagues would still be yearning to go to Dreamforce 2018.

With the whopping $2199 price for the Full Conference pass, it’s likely they won’t be shelling out their own pockets to give you company. But then what else can be done?

  1. There are many pre-Dreamforce contests that offer Full Conference Pass. Refer them to your friends and make their lives easier.
  2. Wait up for the Dreamforce 2018 Expo+ pass. Like every year, Salesforce has a day in which you can go to Dreamforce for free. Albeit, the pass will give you a limited access to Dreamforce, it is still a great way to get the exposure and some really cool swags. The expo pass will allow you to witness businesses who are into Salesforce toolsSales enablement tools, Salesforce extensions, Salesforce productivity tools, Salesforce integrations for salesSalesforce integrations for service, CPQ software, and many more.

Here’s – How you claim your free Dreamforce Expo pass

Getting to know San Francisco

Are you all set for that Insta-pic at the Golden Gate bridge? Well, I would say don’t limit yourself to just that. With the exception of the Dreamforce days, you would definitely want to spend some quality time in the beautiful city of San Francisco. And believe me, there’s plenty that you can do here.

Here are – 5 must do things this Dreamforce San Francisco

Lookout for Whatfix’s Salesforce Adoption Mantra

Much like you, our team at Whatfix is already super excited for Dreamforce 2018. And we are so pumped up that we’ve already started our Dreamfix giveaways contest as well.

Well, if you haven’t already registered for the campaign, then there’s a likely chance you can collect some swags at our Booth #1921 at the Moscone Center.

Whatfix Booth at Dreamforce - The Dreamforce 2018 Guide For Trailblazers

Meet Whatfix at our booth to also learn about our Salesforce Adoption Mantra which we have imparted to businesses like iCertis, CNA Financial, BMC Software, Cardinal Health and many others. With our Digital Adoption Platform, we can help you accelerate your end-user adoption and streamline your User onboarding, Salesforce training, and provide a proactive self-service training.

To see how Whatfix can help, you can also schedule a demo right away.

Stay tuned to this blog post by subscribing to our Dreamforce special newsletter. We will update this post bi-weekly till Dreamforce 2018.

Have more ideas or questions, let me know on @i_mgokul

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