How To Get Your Free Dreamforce 2019 Expo Pass!

How To Get Your Free Dreamforce 2017 Expo Pass!

The biggest, most exciting annual tech conference hosted by Salesforce, Dreamforce 2019 is just around the corner and  the full conference passes are already sold out! 🙁 But fret not.  There’s good news for all those who want to experience the Dreamforce magic. The Dreamforce 2019 Expo+ Pass will be available soon, which will give  you selected access at this year’s Dreamforce activities.

This free pass is the ultimate key to enjoy the event without burning a hole in your pocket.

The Dreamforce expo pass days are Thursday and Friday. It is a boon for all Trailblazers who are looking at the conference as an event to learn and network with fellow Salesforce enthusiasts, but were not able to complete their Dreamforce registration on time.

FYI, The Dreamforce expo pass isn’t out yet. You will know the moment we do!

What all can you do with the free Dreamforce 2019 expo pass?

With the free Dreamforce Expo pass:

  • Experience some stirring Product keynotes
  • Attend the world’s biggest Cloud Expo which features thousands of live solutions and promises unparalleled networking.
  • Experience innovative solution hands-on and discover tools of tomorrow
  • Have some fun, socialize, rewind and enjoy a free music festival featuring local bands and performers at the Dreampark

The Salesforce Training and Certification

Once you’ve registered, you can join the three day Trailhead Bootcamp organized by Salesforce just before the conference. 

The expert-led sessions are an amazing way to learn and experience Salesforce in depth and connect with product experts. The three-day bootcamp offers Salesforce certifications at 50% off the original price! All the more reason to get excited for Dreamforce 2019.

The classes will be held Saturday, November 16 – Monday, November 18, right before the actual Dreamforce 2019 dates, allowing you to kickstart the Dreamforce experience on the right note.

If you’re attending the event and still haven’t booked your accommodations, here’s a quick guide to Dreamforce hotels and accommodations.

Meet Whatfix at Dreamforce 2019 (this is the 5th time in a row!) . We will be showing you all the ways you can accelerate Salesforce Adoption in your organization with interactive in-app guidance.

Gokul Suresh

Gokul Suresh

Gokul leads the Inbound, Content and Social Media efforts at Whatfix.

A techie, a marketer and a UX enthusiast, he lovesthinking up creative ideas and experimenting with new tools. He's an expert in inbound marketing and eats CRMs for breakfast, ITSMs for lunch and leftovers from Product Hunt for dinner!

Have anything to say to him? Tweet out to him. He enjoys constructive criticism.
Gokul Suresh
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Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business


Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business