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Have you ever signed up for a SAAS trial and never ended up becoming a paid subscriber because you couldn’t find the feature you signed up for? If so, you may have had an experience similar to one that your trial users are having now with your SAAS.

You may be able to increase the conversions of free trial users to paid subscribers and the retention rates of your new paid subscribers, by doing something simple: creating a consistent message. In this post, we’re going to show you how creating a consistent messaging from your sales funnel to the onboarding experience can help you increase your bottom line.

Step #1: Review your sales messages 

This process starts by reviewing your sales messaging. It’s easy for things to get lost between different pieces of copy, especially once copy turns to video script. Here’s what you should start with when reviewing your benefit and feature promises to customers during the sales portion of your funnel.

Sales Pages

It is absolutely imperative that the messaging you share in your sales copy is translated throughout your sales and onboarding experience. Therefore, you should go through your sales page and create a list of features and benefits that you use to sell your SAAS.

Explainer Videos

Whether it’s an explainer video, commercial, or just a featured video on your sales page, it’s important that you listen to your sales script and jot down any additional features and benefits mentioned in these videos that are not on your sales page.


Do you use specific features and benefits in your Google, Facebook, display, or other paid advertising? Make sure they are included in your list. If you have one advertisement that performs particularly well, star it in the list so you remember that it’s important.


Unless you go with a scripted approach, it’s easy to get off-track in a live webinar. In the process of amping yourself and your potential customers up for your SAAS, you might start to mention some additional features and benefits you didn’t include on your sales page or in sales videos. Add these to your list along with the items from your sales page and videos.

Autoresponder Series

Did you add some “bonus” features and benefits in your onboarding email autoresponder? It’ll help you to create the tipping point for email subscribers and encourage them to sign up for a free trial or subscription to your SAAS. If you haven’t, then add those to your list as well.

Partner Messages

Do you have affiliate, joint venture, or referral partners who promote your SAAS for commission? Read and listen to the message they share about your SAAS to note if they mention other features and benefits or phrase them in a way that is different from your messaging.

Step #2: Review your support and feedback requests 

Once you’ve compiled all of the features and benefits you’ve used throughout your marketing and advertising (as well as your best partners), it’s time to look at what your customers are asking for in support. What do many of your customers have to write or call in to support to find? Add those to your list, and especially the ones that people mention in cancellation requests.

Step #3: Create walkthroughs with features and benefits 

Now is the fun part. Take that list and either review your current SAAS walkthrough, or be prepared to create a new one. Your walkthrough should touch upon each of the features and benefits that your marketing and advertising material have highlighted as the reasons why customers should start a free trial or subscribe to your service. It should also touch upon the features and benefits that drive your current users to your support desk or feedback box.

The key to making your walkthrough successful is not to only highlight a feature, but highlight the benefit you sold to users along with that feature. For example, if your SAAS helps Twitter users find the most engaged members in their community, don’t just create a walkthrough point that says, “Here’s where you search for other users on Twitter.” Instead, say, “Here’s where you can search for the most engaged members of your community to grow brand advocacy.”

This will not only help new users find the features they want from your SAAS, but it will also help remind them of why they signed up in the first place. If you remind them of the benefits they will receive from the features of your SAAS, they will be more likely to convert into a paying subscriber and stay on as a loyal customer.

Ready to create a walkthrough for your SAAS that converts free trial users into loyal, paying customers? Sign up for your Whatfix account today!

Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer who specializes in creating blog content, ebooks, and lead magnets for businesses.
Kristi Hines
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Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business


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