10 Change Management Tools To Effectively Manage Organizational Change

Change Management
Top 7 Change Management Tools to Add to Your Arsenal in 2017

Google normally has answers for everything! But recently, when I searched for Change Management Tools, it turned up some resources that barely gave me the information that I needed.

The resources were great, it gave me the leeway to understand the processes and information required to decide on the tools. And due to the vastness and complexities of Change Management, I wasn’t surprised. Instead, that built my determination to find out the best change management tools. (And, I did!)

So, this here is an article that showcases the top change management tools (in no particular order of preference). No stonewall after stonewall, just the information you need to make the right decision about the change management tools that you need!

Here you go!

Top 10 Change Management Software Tools 

1. Whatfix


Top Change Management Tools - Whatfix

Whatfix is an interactive digital adoption platform that fills the biggest gap in change management, i.e, efficient user performance support, employee onboarding, and training. Whatfix’s interactive walkthroughs (workflows) help companies speed up the switch to new software, by handholding the users through each of the processes step-by-step via personalized onboarding and training programs.

This ensures minimal downtime in productivity during the change and helps the employees get back to speed as quickly as possible.

Another interesting aspect of Whatfix’s training capabilities is its integration with SCORM compliant LMSs and helpdesks. Whatfix walkthroughs are auto-generated into multiple formats like videos, PDFs, slideshows, and screenshots, that can be embedded in these LMSs and help desks that simplify the need for recurring documentation.

Whatfix is also among the top Digital Adoption Solutions like Walkme, Nickelled, Inline Manual etc, and is in fact, also one of the best Walkme alternatives available in the market.

To track the usage and progress, Whatfix also provides inbuilt analytics, which helps in measuring the usage of the guided walkthroughs across the multiple touch points on the applications.

Key Benefits:

– Expedite employee productivity with interactive walkthroughs

– Easy to create interactive walkthroughs (no coding required)

– Step-by-step guidance on the key processes

– Self-serving contextual help & support with the application

– Customizable analytics dashboard

– Personalized onboarding and training programs

– Dedicated account managers and round the clock support

– On-premise and On-cloud setup

– Easy integration with helpdesks and LMSs

How to get it: To explore all the potential of Whatfix. you can sign up for a free trial.

Interactive walkthrough Ebook - Product tour

 2. Remedy Change Management 9

Top Change Management Tools - Remedy Change Management 9

Remedy Change Management 9 is an innovative IT Service Management platform (ITSM) by BMC Software, that enables enterprises to reduce risk and ease digital transformation during organizational changes. The platform covers a wide spectrum, namely planning, tracking and delivering the changes successfully.

To empower occasional users to make change requests, Remedy Change Management 9 enables them to quickly access it from any device, in any location. The Remedy Service Optimization license enables you to effectively manage change, track assets across the enterprise, and implement sophisticated service levels for better performance.

Key Benefits:

– Virtual agents and live chat for quick resolution of issues

– On-premise and on-cloud implementation

– Mobile self-service application

– MyIT Self-service portal

– Customizable dashboard

– Collision detection and impact analytics

– ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) compliant process

How to get it: You can sign up for a free trial of BMC Remedy Change Management 9, here.

 3. HP Service Anywhere

Top Change Management Tools - HP Service Anywhere

HP Service Anywhere is an enterprise ITSM that supports service desk processes plus configuration management, asset management, analytics, and automation. As per the Management of Organizational Change (MOC) Services provided by HP, their change management tools are capable of facilitating the skills and competencies needed to make enterprise workforce change resilient and make transformative change repeatable.

The enterprise suite, consists of a wide range of tools that collects, stores, manages, updates and presents data about software and infrastructure service configuration. Their structured data collection and analysis helps in lowering costs and mitigating risks.

Key Benefits:

– Simplified processes

– Self-service

– Easy administration

– Configurable data handling

– Greater agility and responsiveness

– Compatibility with smart devices

How to get it: Based on your specification, you can check out HP’s ITSM products and services, here.

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 4. StarTeam

Top Change Management Tools - StarTeam

Unlike the bigger companies, who have multiple functionalities along with their change management capabilities, StarTeam (formerly Borland StarTeam) is highly targeted. This enterprise change management tool serves both centralized and geographically distributed development teams and helps in coordinating and managing the entire software delivery process. Its collaborative environment helps development managers track changes to source code, defects, features and other assets, providing a controlled distribution.

StarTeam also has customizable workflows that pave the way for a flexible, integrated workflow engine, which helps in designing the process and rules for releasing software.

Key Benefits:

– Provides a single repository of change management for teams, tools, and processes

– Easily track changes to source code, defects, features, and tasks

– Customize workflow processes according to your organization’s specifications

– Gain full capability across all integrated assets

– Consists of a Change Request component that issues alert when the change has been implemented.

– End-to-end impact analysis

– Central data warehouse for all types of digital resources of an organization

How to get it: You can sign up for a free trial of StarTeam, here.

5. Rocket Aldon

Top Change Management Tools - Rocket Aldon

Built to support development teams during organizational change, Rocket Aldon claims to be the only multi-platform, end-to-end configuration, and change management software in the market.

One of the big perks of this software is that it can be accessed by several users simultaneously. This allows the managers to view changes based on applications and tasks or other familiar structures in real-time, rather than the stored structure of the development files.

Rocket Aldon also has an enterprise Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution that helps in automating the entire process around software delivery and change management.

Key Benefits:

– End-to-end change management

– Distributed development

– Point-and-click package promotion, deployment, and redeployment

– Distributed development in multiple sites

– Automation of IT workflow

– Central inventory of all application components

How to get it: You can view all the products of Rocket Aldon, here.

6. ChangeGear Change Manager

Top Change Management Tools - ChangeGear

ChangeGear is a standard ITIL-based Change Management software that uses advanced automation and controls to streamline the entire change and release management process.

Provided by SunView Software Inc, ChangeGear is designed to support multiple modes of change processing to accommodate DevOps, IT as well as Businesses.

Key Benefits:

– Approval routing to increase efficiency of automation

– Distributed development

– Built-in change model workflows for ITIL, DevOps and business processes 

– Change manager dashboards with visual reporting, metrics & KPIs

– Keep changes on track with SLA management

– Reduce risk by creating a central repository of all changes across the enterprise

How to get it: To test drive ChangeGear, click here.

7. Giva eChangeManager

Top Change Management Tools - Giva

A subset of Giva’s Service Management Suite, the eChange Manager is an easy to use ITIL compliant cloud application. They provide a robust reporting system that helps in monitoring and measuring the analytics and KPIs effectively. The point and click customization and configuration is another added advantage that thwarts the need of programmers/consultants to set up the application.

Key Benefits:

– Centralized IT change schedule

– Best practices and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) compliant workflow process for routing IT changes

– Customizable fields, screens, options, and business rules engines

– Option to expedite routine changes

– File attachments can be stored and linked to change records

– Automatically notifies Change Manager and Change Advisory Board according to rules

– Notifications to users via pager, email, cell phone, or PDA

How to get it:  Get a 30-day free trial of Giva Service Management Suite, by here.

8. ServiceNow Change and Release Management application

Top Change Management Tools - ServiceNow

ServiceNow’s Change and Release Management application falls under its humongous ITSM wing, that is being used by a multitude of SMBs and Enterprises. With the application, ServiceNow aims to minimize the risks and costs associated with rapid changes, helping you to position and set expectation during a major change in your company.

The ServiceNow Change Management application provides a systematic approach to control the lifecycle of all changes, facilitating beneficial changes to be made with minimum disruption to IT services. If you have already deployed ServiceNow in your organization then adding this application to your existing suite will help you tremendously improve your service desk.

Key Benefits:

– Centralized system of record and a single integrated change calendar

– Dynamic risk and impact calculation

– Change collision detection

– Simplify Change Advisory Board (CAB) meetings, enabling managers to easily schedule, plan and manage meetings.

– Built-in integrations with other applications of ServiceNow

How to get it:  Sign up for a demo of ServiceNow Change and Release Management application, here.

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9. Freshservice ITIL Change Management software

Top Change Management Tools - FreshService

Freshservice is the IT asset management system, under Freshdesk that serves business in management, reporting, asset management, release management and change management. The biggest advantage of Freshservice is its ability to take care of multiple verticals and integrations with its parent desk platform, Freshdesk and sales platform, Freshsales.

Key Benefits:

– Plan, track, and roll back changes from one place

– Analyze and mitigate risks before they become a chore

– Easy to create and manage Change Advisory Board (CAB) meetings

– Built-in integrations with other applications of Freshdesk

How to get it:  Get a 30-day free trial of Freshservice ITIL Change Management software by clicking here.

10. Darwin’s Change Management SaaS

Top Change Management Tools - Darwin

Developed by certified change managers seeking to add value to the community, Darwin is an Organizational Change Management (OCM) application for practitioners, teams, and enterprises. It helps change managers scale their plans accurately, measure their effectiveness and track employee adoption actively.


Key Benefits:

– Consistent workflow from start of the Change to its end

– The ability to pinpoint and mitigate employee resistance

– Easy Leadership alignment

– Detailed communications plans, manager’s toolkits, and training plans

How to get it:  Get a 30-day free trial of Darwin’s Change Management SaaS application by clicking here.

We will be updating this list every month. So stay tuned to this blog post for more change management tools.

Know more Change Management tools that we can include, comment below!

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