5 Reasons Why U2 At Dreamforce 2016 Means Celebration!

Dreamforce, Dreamforce 2016
5 reasons why U2 at Dreamforce 2016 means celebration!

It’s decided. Dreamforce 2016 is going to sell out for sure! And that will be sooner than you think.

The big reason apart from the grand conference is this year’s Dreamfest concert with the one and only, U2.

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Dreamforce is already an eye candy for professionals across the world for its exuberant conference, mind-numbing expo, educational sessions, insightful keynotes and the ever enticing Dreamfest.

Major musicians and bands like Foo Fighters, Metallica, Bruno Mars, Green Day, INXS, Stevie Wonder, etc, have enthralled the attendees with their performance at the Dreamforce Concerts over the years. This year, Marc Benioff led Salesforce has upped their game with yet another amazing surprise.

U2 will be playing live at the Cow Palace, San Francisco on October 5th. And just like any of their other concerts, there’s no doubt that the tickets will be sold out.

Especially because Cow Palace can hold up to 16-17 K audience, whereas Dreamforce itself has an expected 150,000+ attendees.

U2 at Dreamforce - Cow Palace, San Francisco

Cow Palace, San Francisco

So, no matter whether you get the best seats among the lot, or the furthest nosebleed seats, it’s a concert of one of the biggest bands the world has ever seen. It’s will be worth every penny of yours!

Before you get your tickets, here are 5 amazing things about U2 at Dreamforce’s Dreamfest that will pump you up for this grand celebration!

1. U2 is and will always be U2


U2 at Dreamforce


Unlike the other bands who break-up or go solo at times, U2 has always been the same. They’ve had the exact same lineup since 1976. They’ve never broken up or reformed or gone on hiatus. Bono, Edge, Larry, and Adam are iconic musicians of the era, and they have stayed together as a band for the last 40 years.

Heck, they are worth the envy!

2. U2’s concert is not just a Rock & Roll


U2 at Dreamforce

If there’s one band that can pull off any genre with ease, then that’s definitely U2. They started off as a post-punk band, but over the time evolved into an alternative band and then they kept evolving. In the last 40 years, they have done rock, hard rock, experimental, pop, country, blues, punk, gospel, and ballads.

No matter what genre of music they pick, they make sure that they nail it.

3. U2 creates songs with meaning and a heart



Bono once said, “ Music can change the world because it can change people.” That’s exactly how U2 has been over the years. Their music and mission are closely knitted.

Well for instance,  ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’ is based on a story that Bono heard about the streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland, where a person’s religion and income are evident by the street they live on, ‘Walk On’ was written about Aung San Suu Kyi, and the 1983 classic “New Year’s Day” is  actually about the Polish Solidarity movement.

(Check out ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’ above if you haven’t heard it as yet!)

4. U2 Concert + Dreamforce Conference = The Perfect Blend


U2 at Dreamforce - DF Gives


“U2 is coming to Dreamforce.” – If anyone says Dreamforce is yet another tech conference, just tell this to them right to their face. That ought to tell them that Dreamforce is just any random conference. 🙂

Dreamforce in fact, is a blend of learning, networking, fun, and technology. And for all the attendees, there are plenty of choices and things to do.

But remember one thing, the parties will be a lot, but tickets may not be. So if you haven’t registered for Dreamforce 2016 as yet, do it right away.

Here’s how you can get a 100$ discount on Dreamforce 2016 registration

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5. Dreamfest is not just a musical extravaganza, it’s also charity fundraiser


U2 at Dreamforce


You get to enjoy while lending a hand to the greater good! The funds raised at Dreamforce 2016’s Dreamfest will benefit Benioff Children’s Hospitals in San Francisco and Oakland.

That’s one extra reason for you to go for the Dreamfest this year!

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Meet Whatfix at Dreamforce 2016

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