10 Super Funny Salesforce Memes That Would Make Anyone Chuckle!

Salesforce memes

Salesforce, the beast that we thought that we tamed but really didn’t. As much as, we would like to tell the world that we are Salesforce experts, there always remains that self-doubt.

Salesforce is that friend whom you love yet, resent. It has been your savior, but you’ve had your hard times with it. It remains your faithful ol’ friend.

We have covered host of topics related to Salesforce like Salesforce AppExchange, Salesforce Training, Salesforce Onboarding, Trailblazers Guide to Dreamforce 2017. But, today, we thought of doing something lighthearted. So, without any further delay, here are 10 Salesforce memes that’ll make you chuckle.

1. The moment of glory!

On top of the world!


2. The Big question: What do you do?

You know, what we are talking about.

3. That Sarcasm!

You know that you have a tendency to blame undone jobs on Salesforce. But like a buddy who has your back, Salesforce never complains. Ever!


4. Psst… It is my birthday!

We all have our perfect birthday planned in our head. But too bad, it never goes the way we want it.


Image result for salesforce meme bday

6. The pickup line

Like someone in your workplace? Then don’t think twice, try this pickup line.

7. When all things go south!

The dumbfounded feeling when you have absolutely no clue of what is happening in your Salesforce.

8. Features galore!

Oh, Salesforce Lightning. Oh Einstein. Oh another super awesome feature that I don’t need. How cool!

Look at all these features. I will never use


9. Dreamforce is coming!

You think Dreamforce is boring? Think again!

P.S: There are plenty nerdy events too!

10. Too much coffee… Too much Salesforce

You know that you’ve been there, done that. *wink*

11. May the SalesFORCE be with you!

Whatever said and done, Salesforce is awesome!

So smile, feel good about yourself and then go Sassy!!

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Gokul Suresh

Gokul Suresh

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