5 Most Effective Technical Writing Software For Information Gathering

5 Most Effective Technical Writing Software For Information Gathering
There are a few questions that constantly bog the minds of technical writers. Are there any suitable technical writing software for the task I am presently doing? Something that would minimize my efforts and produce better quality output? Can my company afford it? Is it going to be easy to...
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30 Phenomenal Salesforce Tools That'll Make You A Productivity Magnet

10 Essential Salesforce Tips That'll Make Your A Productivity Magnet
You could be THAT person in your office! You know, THAT person who gets way more work done than anyone else! Who never stresses out on deadlines. Who knows Salesforce like the back of their hand! Who is considered as the Salesforce Champion and the go-to person for all possible...
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The Seven Deadly Sins of Change Leadership

7 deadly sins of change leadership
In this guest post, Daniel Lock, an expert ‘Change Management’ consultant tells us the seven deadly sins of change change management. I’ve been helping my clients succeed in their change management and process improvement aspirations for some time now. Throughout my years of experience in this area – and my...
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Must Have Characteristics of an Electronic Performance Support System

Electronic Performance Support System
Electronic performance support systems(EPSS)  gained a huge traction when companies began focusing on user productivity and performance. The term sounds complex for sure. But, unknowingly, you already must have used an electronic performance system to get your tasks done. Just imagine this, you take up a challenge to prepare a...
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How Performance Support Systems Accelerate User Performance

performance support systems
The fact is – user performance is critical for an organization to prosper. But a recent study suggests that 19.8 percent of business time – the equivalent of one day per working week – is wasted by employees searching for information to do their job effectively. Massively hitting productivity and...
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Interactive & Cognitive Walkthrough - The Simple Formula For A Terrific UX

Interactive + Cognitive walkthroughs
Time and tide have changed with technology. And User Experience design has changed with people’s mentality. Most users no longer have the patience to sit and read through lengthy user manuals or watch explanatory videos before trying out a new product. Instead, they prefer to jump in the midst of...
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30 Best Customer Service Tools to Delight Customers

“Start with customer service  and work back towards technology, not the other way around” -Steve Jobs It’s quite evident from this quote that having a flawless product doesn’t compensate for the need of customer service tools. No matter how well you design your product, customers will always have doubts. Whatever may...
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25 Salesforce Extensions That Will Make You Highly Productive

If there is one thing that I love about the SFDC Community, it’s their “willingness to give back“. If you’ve been to Dreamforce at least once, then you know that giving back is the beating heart behind all of it. The same aura resonates from all the amazing people in...
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How To Turn Employee Training Into Employee Engagement

You might have built many well-functioning employee training programs. But, do you measure their effectiveness? Here’s an alarming statistic from the Learning Solutions magazine (one of the most trusted resources in employee training) that could make you question your current training approaches. “Nearly 90 percent of the knowledge you impart...
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7 Incredible ServiceNow Training Methods To Ensure Success!

7 Incredible Methods To Ensure ServiceNow Training Success!
The thing about ServiceNow training is that – it has two prominent sides! There are Agents who must be trained to solve incidents, problems, and other requests in a jiffy. And there are Employees whose primary aim is to get their issues sorted out quickly via the platform. This means...
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30 User Onboarding Tools To Make Your Product Experience Exceptional

30 User Onboarding Tools To Make Your Product Experience Exceptional
User Onboarding is like learning to ride a bicycle. And User Onboarding tools are those parts of the bicycle, that keep it intact and helps you ride it smoothly! Wondering why I started this article with such an analogy? Well then, I’d recommend you to read my article on User...
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How To Build A Rock Solid User Onboarding Process!

User Onboarding
Truth be told, User Onboarding is a tricky business. You may think that you know how to build and execute an onboarding process seamlessly. You might also believe that you could hack the process to get buttloads of active users. But, ultimately, the truth is, a single misfire is enough...
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How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Future of Customer Support!

Artificial Intelligence and customer support
By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with enterprises without interacting with a human.” – This was one of the most surprising predictions in Gartner’s Customer 360 summit. These numbers are good enough to make any experienced customer support executive cringe!
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10 Change Management Tools To Effectively Manage Organizational Change

Top 7 Change Management Tools to Add to Your Arsenal in 2017
Google normally has answers for everything! But recently, when I searched for “Change Management Tools”, it turned up some resources that barely gave me the information that I needed. The resources were great, it gave me the leeway to understand the processes and information required to decide on the tools. And due to the vastness and complexities of Change Management, I wasn’t surprised. Instead, that built my determination to find out the best change management tools.
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Best of The Lot - 15 Most Read Articles From Whatfix Academy In 2016

Best of The Lot - 15 Most Read Articles From Whatfix Academy In 2016
For the uninitiated, Whatfix Academy ranges from everything and anything about simplifying user experience. That being articles about user onboarding, UX strategies, user engagement, retention, customer success, and even how to’s and guides on web applications like top CRM’s, LMS, and others.
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Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business


Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business


Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business